The Maryland Horse Expo

11245_1386950763Its that time of year again, Horse Expo time! If you didn’t think that Maryland had more horses per capita then any other state just trot on over to the Horse Expo and see them all at one place at one time. Whatever your disciple is you will find something you have to have at the expo… at a discount. I again found a trailer I wanted. Okay it was like 100,000 bucks and was basically a motor home with horse stalls you could drive around. My better half said he would just by me a plot of land and stick me there with my pones in the trailer and come visit me once a week. It was pretty much close to the size of my duplex in LA. I could easily live in something like that. A more realistic choice would be something i could actually use to haul my horses around in. Last year I had a Featherlite without a dressing room year that sparked my interest. This year I have two horses and the discussion was had that maybe i should just get a little bigger trailer with a dressing room… and a truck. I love my Benzo SUV and its the ML500 and rated to haul what i would need it too but with two horses? I think that a truck and trailer might be the better way to go and my SUV is getting up in years and has about 82,000 miles on it.   So now I’ll have to save for a truck and a trailer. Whats the adage? You know you’re an equestrian of you’re using a $2,000 truck to haul a $15,000 trailer.. heh. I better start hustling for more work!

As with last year the Burdette brothers were cool people who even though I told them straight up i wasn’t in the market right now, took the time to talk to me about their trailers and didnt brush me off because i wasn’t prepared to spend. When i do buy a trailer.. its gonna be from them. Two years in a row they were really responsive to me and my questions. The Eclipse people ignored me completely. Even though we were inspecting their trailers in and out because I really do like them, a lot. But the customer service sucked and its not like they were helping other people, they were sitting around in chairs looking bored.  Whatever dude…

Fur kid.. new collar
Fur kid.. new collar

The Expo has 2 riding rings with events and a couple different lecture areas and we watched a few jumping demos, part of a dressage demo, a prepping to jump demo, a position to enhance transitions demo (dunno if that was what it was supposed to be but thats what they were talking about) and the OTTB demo. Then i got tired of demos. I’m still getting my energy back after the flu so i tucker out easily. I shopped for stuff of course and came home with a Moxie jacket i had been coveting, at half price i might add! New awesome web reigns (half price) a black with pink piping AP pad for miss Jez. 2 personalized name embroidered pooch collars for the fur kids and Circe got her fancy two tone black and navy embroidered with her name halter and matching two tone cross hatched lead rope. Its awesome! Jez got her hot pink and black one last year this year it was Circe who needed to be spoiled with cool stuff. I could have easily spent more money.

My favorite part of the day.

Me: Theres lot of stuff here but really, i don’t need anything

My Better Half: And yet… here we are

Ha! He knows me so well.