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It’s been a hard year in so many ways but also exciting and as always I did learn a little something. The beginning of the year started out great, Jez was learning to canter and not turn like a motorcycle and in mid March we started going out on the trails. It was going smashingly […]

Xmas Ponies


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Christmas was lovely. I spent Xmas Eve in the city at my favorite D.C. old school Italian restaurant, Filomena. They outlandishly decorate for every holiday which i love and the food is solid. I know southern Italian food because well I’m southern Italian (Calabria) It reminds me of my Italian grandmothers basement. Not my actual […]

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It was pouring so the training session got canceled.  I hate the unpredictable nature of the weather out here. The only thing I really miss about Los Angeles is the weather. It was always sunny and warm even in winter. Here in MD, not so much. Sunday is the day my better half takes his […]

Two Gross Ponies


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My trainer came out on Sat which is great cuz shes supposed to be out this morning as I write this but alas .. pouring. Though riding in the rain is certainly an option especially when the weather is warm like it is today (WTF weather gods is the 2nd day of winter and its […]

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I got the the barn by 9:30AM. Tina and i had made plans after the days before to try to the trail again. The plan today was to give Sabs 2mils of Ace IM and see if that made any difference to her at all with her tude on the trail. Jez would be going […]

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My barn friend Tina who is a great rider has a 9 year old  OTTB named Wasabi who is super built and pretty cool. Sabs has competed at novice level and i was told will jump amazing heights (she once jumped over the gate the the barn much to the farm owners dismay) Tina and […]

Night and day


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Finally the weather was such that my trainer could come out and work with the girls. Hazer! Jezebel was up first and started off good and got progressively worse. She was determined to not hold her body straight when asked. Throwing a shoulder out and occasionally throwing it in. Anything to not go straight. It […]

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You ask a stallion, you tell a gelding but you have a conversation with a mare. That’s the saying and its true. Mares have opinions and they like to express them. Some more then others. I’ve only had mares, its what i know and i enjoy the conversation. My first horse Merciful Heavens AKA Mercy […]

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It was cold, I know most of my postings have been starting out that way. Winter in Maryland, go figure. I headed down to see the girls thinking maybe, just maybe I could get in a ride if the footing in the ring wasn’t frozen. When I went down to the field, Jezebel was napping […]

Horse blogs, ugh.


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Horse blogs are just as clicky as horse people. Certain blogs come into some kind of fashion I suppose, though I can never really figure out why some are popular and other better blogs are not. I read and enjoy a few, I stopped reading and do not enjoy many more. Most are horribly designed, […]