Trail ride adventure: The Wasabi edition

On the trail...
On the trail…

My barn friend Tina who is a great rider has a 9 year old  OTTB named Wasabi who is super built and pretty cool. Sabs has competed at novice level and i was told will jump amazing heights (she once jumped over the gate the the barn much to the farm owners dismay) Tina and i have walked the bridle path together with our horses and even got into the woods (with Tina on Jez and me on Circe) Since the last time Jez went out she was a rock-star we decided to give it a go. Me on Jez Tina on Sabs.

Tina and Wasabi "taking a break"
Tina and “Wild” Wasabi

It started out pretty good both horses were alert and happy to be out. The only rough patch was when we had to pass a neighbors mounting block. I’m not quote sure why that would be such a scary or interesting thing but it was. We eventually passed it and off into the woods we went. That path was clear of snow but there was snow around and all the leaves off the trees meant you had great visibility. Jez was doing great and really seemed happy to be out. Sabs was in the lead, Jez easily followed. It started when we were close to exciting the woods where we would have to travel down along a long driveway to get to the street crossing. Sabs decided not to move forward, then all she wanted to do was explode. It was odd, she would do this little forward and back dance then a whole body shake. I yelled out to Tina making sure she was okay and asking if all was well. Her response was ” shes all bottled up she wants to explode” We continued trying to walk the trail. I tried to get in the lead hoping that Sabs would just following along and relax. Nope Sabs wouldn’t allow a different leader. We tried this for a while then decided that maybe we should head back. I turned with Jez in the lead and Sabs a little further back. Sabs wasn’t being compliment and Tina was tightly circling her to stop her from bolting. She got off, i cant  blame her I would have been off long before. When I tried to get Jez to just stand still she got nervous and would jig around, so we took small steps forward and i kept looking back making sure Tina was OK and letting her catch up.

It pretty much looked like this!
It pretty much looked like this!

Then I saw it happen. Tina on the ground walking Sabs in hand, Sabs did a Cipriole, seriously a true Lippezanner Stallion crpriole! It was rather amazing, it was also hella dangerous as Tina wasn’t ready for this new “trick” and there were trees all around, its not like we were in the open. Tina was rather pissed off at Sabs and let her know. I hopped off Jez just in case things got really dicey and also to support Tina. We walked out of the woods and Jez was just dandy. Trying to graze a little here and there. Sabs started to calm down but she never fully came back to normal. I’m not sure what set her off, whatever it was it didn’t set Jez off who was rock solid on the ride, the energy also didn’t infect Jez which was pretty amazing. We found a spot to mount up again and ride home across neighbors property along the fence lines. It was a rather exciting ride.

Smooches on the graze break
Smooches on the graze break

I know a lot of people want their trail rides to be calm and remote, for nothing exciting or new to happen but how does that make you a better rider? I don’t think it does and i’m all for getting better and experiencing all kinds of scary, new, interesting, unexpected things. I have no issues if the ride doesn’t turn out how i expected and i end up walking part way home, who cares, its all an adventure. It only serves to make me better and Jez better out there on the trail. Expect the unexpected! Tina and i are going out again today.. for part two. Wish us luck!

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