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Welcome home ponies


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It started like any other morning. 7:30 Am and i’m out at the barn to feed. There was a freeze over night and the grass was white. Damn it! My weather app didn’t say below freezing. Luckily my ponies are pretty fuzzy already. I threw some hay into the paddock and went to prepare their […]

Landscape of fall


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It’s beautiful at my farm… Fall is lovely and the trees turned in just a few days creating a beautifully colored landscape.    

Finding the routine


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The girls have been home for a little over a week and all has been well. They seem to be settling in, i even saw Miss Jez taking a snooze in the sun in the field while The Circinator stood guard! Thats a very good sign they are feeling comfortable. Jezebels nerves are calming a […]

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I brought my horses home. At first I was only going to bring Circe home as she was once again having training issues and feet issue. Poor Circe cant catch a break. Eventually after much thought I decided to bring both of the girls home. I wanted to keep Jez in training to help her […]