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Its Christmas time


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After the morning Xmas festivities my better half and I took a drive to the farm to see the ponies. The roads were clear as was the sky. I had a few treats for their Xmas stockings i needed to drop off and lets face it, on Xmas I need to see the ponies. They […]

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What can I say about the Lisbon horse parade. Its billed as an “old fashioned horse parade” and they sure aren’t kidding. Especially if by old fashioned, you mean before organizational skills were needed in setting up a horse Christmas parade. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t wonderful and amazing because it was in fact both […]

Xmas Ponies


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Christmas was lovely. I spent Xmas Eve in the city at my favorite D.C. old school Italian restaurant, Filomena. They outlandishly decorate for every holiday which i love and the food is solid. I know southern Italian food because well I’m southern Italian (Calabria) It reminds me of my Italian grandmothers basement. Not my actual […]