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Wednesday: Michelle’s day to ride and it was a but of a hectic day for me. The better half needed a new helmet my Troxel which he had been riding in was not working anymore for him and my Tipperary didn’t fit quite right so we went to Dover at 10am mind you and spent […]

All in a days work


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Jezebel went across the street! She did rather good. She was calm though very lookie-lou ish  and she crossed the street with no issues at all. Into the woods she went, on the little trail and over to the ditch and the creek. Jez doesn’t like ditches or water for that matter. She has jumped […]

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It was a beautiful day, the perfect day for riding. I however have one horse with ulcers and the other AKA spooks-a-lot is not yet conditioned to her new ring so were still just doing ground work together for a bit. So after i visited with my girls and did my barn chores i headed […]

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I got the the barn by 9:30AM. Tina and i had made plans after the days before to try to the trail again. The plan today was to give Sabs 2mils of Ace IM and see if that made any difference to her at all with her tude on the trail. Jez would be going […]

Happy Trails


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It was a beautiful day even though a thunder storm was predicted, it wasn’t expect for quite some time and the sun was bright and shinny. I thought it would be a good day to introduce Miss Jezebel to the trail. She loves to look out towards the trail and the tree line whenever we […]