I realized she wasn’t on the blog. I stopped blogging before I acquired her. Derp! Penny Aka Shez Bigtime Kool is a 16.2 appendix ex-race horse, she raced in Louisiana on the QH track, shes a 2010 model. After my last injury (thanks a lot Jezebel) I finally resigned myself that I needed something safer. Circe being difficult to keep sound, I decided 6 weeks after being taken to the hospital in an ambulance that I would get this really sweet, big read mare named Penny. Of course my injury turned out to me more serious then originally thought and I will be dealing with the lingering pain for yanno the rest of my life but it I jumped in early and bought the pony. I didn’t get right back in the saddle, it took some time. Good thing because a week after I got Ms Penny she colicked and had to be taken to New Bolton. They resolved it in a few days and only with fluids. I’m sure it was the move. Change in location, feed and management style was too much change for her. Shes a very different horse then my other two. She needs grain to keep her weight up, she gets scratches on her white legs no matter how you manage them, shes stoic and when she gets mad.. she just grinds her teeth and doesn’t try to kill me like Jezebel does. So shes just the horse I need now.

Shes got an amazing gait to her even though her legs are crooked, she moves beautifully and covers the ground with a large stride, everyone things shes a warmblood when they see her move. Shes been to one combined test and took second, but mostly shes my tool around horse. Shes a great addition to my herd. Penny Poodle.

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