I never write anymore

I guess I lost interest in whole blogging thing but not in my ponies. Since I’ve brought everyone home I’ve been just too busy and my interests have gone to other places then keeping the update on my horses lives.

Looks like the last time I wrote a blog post when was Stutz AKA Toots came to rehab with me. She’s been here with me for over a year and a half, closer to two years and is now ready to go back to After the Races for training. Which is really very bittersweet for me because I love her like she’s my own horse. I really think she deserves her own person who will love her and lavish her with attention. That’s been the goal along to get her sound enough to go back into work as a pleasure horse and thrive with her own person. That’s what we’ve been working towards, and by working I mean letting her just be a horse and walk up and down my hills and hopefully get sound and strong enough to move on to the next part of her life  but i’ll miss her. I’ll miss her being the first one to always come say hi to me, I’ll miss her opening up all the stall doors with her expert pony lips, I’ll miss her drama queen antics of always snorting at the fly masks and blankets before allowing you to put them on her, I’ll miss her wiggly nose and her sweet pony face. I may even miss her SCREAMING for Jezebel who she is stuck to like glue when I load Jez on the trailer.

I know her leaving will be sad for me and I’m sure I will cry my eyes out. Because Stutz is so attached to Jezebel it may even be traumatic for her which in turn will make it traumatic for me.

She leaves next week, so this week I will clean her up and make my peace with her leaving. Knowing that if she cant hold up to the work or ever needs a soft landing I will be here for her.

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