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When the good folks over at Horze contacted me to review their products I was thrilled! I also had two sound horses who were going really well. Yippy! By the time the products arrived I had two horses out of work. One with ulcers and one with still unidentified issues (come on Cornell give me my test results!) That made reviewing products quite the challenge. Luckily one was Horze No Turn Bell Boots. So I was able to use that product and put that review up but was forced to wait out the review for the Horze Reflex Stirrups as no horse was ridable enough to have a use for stirrups. Eventually Miss Jez got back into work but I’m only sorta riding her and I wanted to really put these stirrups though their paces. I made the decision to put them on my saddle but grilled Sammy who has been the one riding in them on her thoughts about them. Samantha Bilodeau is my trainer and works with me, my horses and even trains my better half on her event horse. (awesome right?!) Shes also an eventer as well as a equine massage therapist. She makes up a big part of team My Ex Racers (and i couldn’t be more grateful for all her hard work). I’ll try not to break with my general review format too much but these are Sammy’s thoughts that I collected (after grilling her) on the Horze Reflex Stirrups.

Pros: The are really light weight, I mean super light weight. They have a wide foot pad that give you good traction and stability. The price point is extremely reasonable at $39.95

Cons: The only con we could come up with when discussing these stirrups is that they are pretty wide and my pink custom made stirrup covers I bought barely fit over them. They do fit but its a bit of a struggle to get them on and off. Seriously thats it, thats the only con!

Lowdown: Sammy was sure she wasn’t going to like these stirrups. She’s a very straight forward trainer and gimmick and gadgets are not her thing but she was won over by these stirrups after using them.  She didn’t have a bad thing to say about them, for reals. She liked the way her leg felt in them. There’s a touch of give on the pad for those with sore joints. She felt secure with out the stirrups interfering with her leg. She used these both on the flat and schooling jumping and since my horse over jumps (by several feet, yo) you need  leg and foot placement thats not going to slip when you don’t want or expect it to. These stirrups fit the bill. They are a really good price and i would encourage anyone who’s thinking about buying composites to give them a go. They are staying on my saddle my traditional irons are spending time in my tack trunk!

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