The week in review

Heath Ryan, Moe and his rider

The week has been long and hot and not a ton is going on.  Both ponies are still out of work. Jezebel is still being treated for ulcers, shes not as reactive when palpated and is much less cranky in general. Sammy did take her on a 20 min how is she feeling ride and she was mostly okay. A little bit of pain anticipation was evident but that should fade with successful rides. A few more days for her and she should be able to get back into work.

Circe is a lot less lame. I sent video of her trotting right, left and straight lines to my farrier who assured me she was better then i thought she was. With two different shoeing packages on her fronts and the still healing splint shes actually in good pretty shape. That doesn’t mean that she can run in a full paddock though. Every week were creating a new limited turn out area within their field with the temp electric fence. As they eat all the grass in one we build out another. We’re getting really good at this even though its a giant pain in the ass. Note to self when i get my own farm a small hospital paddock is imperative.

I was able to watch a little bit of a clinic that was happening at my farm. Aussie Olympic rider Heath Ryan was teaching for a few days and since i’m a resident i was allowed to audit, sans big piles of cash. When some jumping semi privates were going on Sammy and i went up to the upper ring to check it out a couple different times. Pretty interesting stuff. The first one i caught the tail end of was a couple of ladies who gallop horses at the track and event every weekend with their really lovely OTTBs. Everyone had their game faces on and i was truly impressed by how great their horses were. Someday i hope that my horses will be able to just go to a clinic at some farm they’ve never been to and not melt down then jump 3’6″ like it was nuttin’. The next day when we went to observe the jumping class consisted of two beautiful grey geldings. I have a not so secret soft spot for grey’s and joke with my better half that a grey is next on the list. He of course doesn’t think owning 3 horses is funny… at all. I chatted with one of the participants after class and it was only his second time jumping his new horse Moe. Wow, impressive riding going on!

So basically i’m not riding at all though that might change soon and i might take a some lessons on one of the other trainers at my farms horse. Thats still being worked out. My better half is riding though, his lessons are really coming along. So theres that.

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