You give me fever

I no feel well mom
I no feel well mom

I got the call from my friend Stacy who was doing evening feedings and turn out at my barn while Sammy was out of town. Circe was off her food. She hadn’t really touched her hay, drank very little water and was picking at her grain aka ration balancer. She seemed really “mellow” and Stacy who knows Circe was concerned. I asked a ton of questions including.

1. How much poop? only 2.5. piles and she was in all day

2. Gut sounds?  low gurgling on both sides but faint

I called the vet. Not something i wanted to do being as it was Saturday night (I could hear the money flying from my wallet as i made the call) I wasn’t sure how serious this was though so i made the call. My vet called me back within minutes and we went over all the info. What she really needed was a temperature and since a thermometer was on my list of thing not yet gotten, it was decided that i would drive to the barn with my digital thermometer from the house and take Circe’s temp. I was also to check her out for a possible choke and see if i could get her to graze on grass for about 5 minutes and the vet would call me in one hour. My better half and i jumped in the car and he raced to the barn in record time.

Circe’s temp was slightly elevated at 101.3. I checked her for obvious signs of a choke, found nothing and took her out to graze. Where she munched grass. The vet called and we again went over all the info and decided to turn her out for the night and see how she was in the morning. Stacy was again going to be there in the AM (about 7:30am) and would check her temp and report to me and the vet was going to call me at 8am. If her temp was not normal then the vet was going to come down take blood work to see how serious this was and what we might be dealing with. I had anxiety dreams all night involving horses. needless to say i didn’t sleep well.

In the morning Circe’s temp was back into normal range back down to 98.8.  So the vet didn’t have to come down on a Sunday (cha-ching averted!) My vet instructed me to check her temp twice a day for the next few days (ive been doing it three times cuz im a freak) and to keep a close eye on her. Which i’ve been doing. Shes eating, drinking and her temp has remained in normal range its been 4 days now and all is well. So it was likely just some kinda little bug less then 24 hours and so far all is well. All the other horses in my barn are right as rain including Jez who shares a field with Circe. Though you can bet ill be keeping a eagle eye on all of them. Oh and i’ll be sending off a bottle of wine or something to my awesome vet who took the time to talk me off the ledge and was so super responsive to my fears on Sat night. That was the first time i had to call a vet for either of my horses after hours after from hearing from a third party something wasn’t quite right. Do…not…like! However i’m grateful and so lucky to have such an amazing team of people around me to help with my horses that that includes Stacy who not only did my morning feedings when i was at the self care barn full of crazy but who has been pitching in while Sammy’s been out of town (who texted me every day to check on The Circe Effect) But most of all i’m lucky because Circe is feeling better. I love that red-headed mare to pieces.




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