Not broken
Not broken

Circe has a stone bruise. Shes getting some time off and I’m crossing my fingers it doesn’t turn into an abscess. Time will tell. The redhead has thin soles and this isn’t the first time shes had a bruise. I’m using Durasole her feets (i swear by the stuff), giving her some time off and crossing my fingers. Thats pretty much the plan. Oh I gave her some Bute first day just because i don’t want her tootsies hurting her to bad.

While she has time off Jezebel is being ridden everyday. Perfect example of why two horses is a good thing, when ones broken….

Jezebel is starting to look really good. Her excess weight is coming off and shes starting to muscle up. I’m really happy with the progress as to her fitness.  Her training is coming along too. Her canter is more balanced and shes caring herself better spending less time on the forehand. It’s taking less time to warm her up at the trot as well. Her trot work is really getting there. Shes a jumping machine with a ton of scope! It’s really coming together for miss Jezebel though theres is a ways to go with her and I together. Jezebel is a long term plan.

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