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I have a couple of photos in this months Equiery. The Equiery is the local horse paper in MD (and some parts of PA and VA) but its Maryland based. If you are looking for horse support services like boarding, hay, training or ring building its the go to place. They also keep you up to date on local horse laws and zoning changes. Its a really good resource and the paper is free at tack stores and feed stores around MD. Their actual offices are just a couple miles from where the ponies are kept.

I’ve submitted a couple of photos from a couple of different events i’ve shot in the last month or so and they’ve used pictures from both events. The Thoroughbred show at Plimlico and the Maryland Open horse show in July! The best part was texting Michelle with a photo of the photo of her and Moon in the ribbons from the MOHS in July in the paper. Surprise! I have a few more events planned to shoot in the next month or two so I’ll be submitting more pictures and hoping to get them printed. When trying to get your name out there for equine photography its always a good thing to get a few photos in the Equiery.

Also it helps when you have good subjects with cool horses to shoot…

4 thoughts on “In the Equiery

  • Doesn’t it feel amazing?! Yeah, sure, I get absolutely no credit for my work and they crop out my logo 90% of the time.. but still! PRINTED PHOTOS! Tangible proof of the mastery of a camera!

    Good job! πŸ™‚ I hope you’re loving the new Canon!

    • myexracer

      I love seeing my photos in print. I dont like when they crop but still its a nice little piece of validation. Oh and i love the camera big time!

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