Totally Thoroughbred horse show

Blue ribbon winner in hand Geldings
First place in hand geldings

It was going to be hot out but i was determined to go watch the Totally Thoroughbred horse show which is in its 3rd year and held at Plimlico Racetrack. Hundreds of OTTB’s in classes from lead-line to jumpers held at a race track. What could go wrong? Heh. First off this is a big show with lots of entries, so many that they have to split the classes and they are still huge. Novice hunters over fences at 2’6″ went on for 2 hours at least just to get though all the horses entered. Lots of really great looking OTTBs in all stages of retirement from the horses in their teens who have been in new careers for over 10 years, to some that have only been off track a few months. It was great to see. I was really surprised there were not more spectators though. It seems that almost everyone watching was somehow connected to a show participant. Which i find really odd because the publicity on this thoroughbred only show is pretty good. Only a handful of people (like myself) had no connection to anyone showing.

Judging the jog
Judging the jog

They had 4 rings and 2 schooling areas. A show of this size needs to be very organized and when i arrived i was impressed at the ring crews with their walki-talki’s keeping everyone on schedule that was until it went of the freaking rails and became one giant train-wreck. It seemed to start early with the in hand classes. The geldings class was so huge that it was split up and still had like 25+ horses in each class. Add to that the show judge was about 150 years old took a very long time to go down the line giving each horse the once over before and after they were jogged. It was getting hotter out by the second as it was predicted to be the hottest day of the sumer so far. They started calling for the open hunters 2’6″ and 3″ in ring 4 but no one was showing up to check in. They seriously called that class for over an hour with not one horse checking in. When i finally left after noon (I got there at 8am) they were just getting that ring under way over 2 hours late! I’m assuming its because of all the geldings in the in hand class but who knows really. I’m surprised they didn’t just scratch the class when people didn’t show up for it on time.

A boy and his OTTB
A boy and his OTTB

They class I enjoyed watching the most was the under 10 years old lead line class because they encouraged the kids to wear racing silks and many of them did. They were so cute all dressed up kids and horses alike that i could barely stand the cuteness overload. Sadly in these classes it was the same judge who took forever judging the in hand classes from earlier in the morning and backed up the whole schedule. The lead line kids under 10 class was splint into two classes but had only about 1o or so entries for each class, it really should have moved along.. oh wait Methuselah was the judge, i forgot. It took again forever for these classes to finish. I mean tiny people on racehorses, at the track, wearing silks, as the sun blazes down hotter and hotter every second? Thats not dangerous at all. The horses did really well though it all. I was impressed at how well many of them took care of the tiny riders on top of them.  It was clear as time passed that a few could lose their shit at any second, I held my breath the whole time. My fears were unfounded it was long but it when smoothly.

Green is for winners!
Love the blinkers!

Finally it was too hot for me and the better half and i bailed. As much as I wanted to watch Gamblers choice, 40 seconds, to jump as many jumps each one being worth points and the higher the jump the higher the points. They were so far behind at this point i knew it would be hours before they got to it and i was dusted and hungry. After home and a nap i downloaded my camera and i got some really adorable pictures of the kids in the silks in the lead line class. So i sent some off to the Equiery (my local horse trade paper) so maybe they can use them. That would be nice. The totally thoroughbred show is a great idea and it was fun to see all the OTTBs being put though their paces.  I love that the proceeds go to different OTTB charities every year but they need to get their logistics in order, big time!

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