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Pink Hat!

Pink Hat!

Everything is coming together. The horses are loving the new place and so am I. Its quiet and beautiful and even though there are quite a few horses on the property, because its so big it feels much more quiet. A month in and they are both really doing well. Both ponies are being ridden in the upper ring, the lower ring and the indoor as well as out into the woods and on the bridle paths around the 100 acre property. I think the only ring we haven’t used yet is the dressage ring. Circe even has a new friend, trainer number two’s 8 year old daughter. Her and Circe are total pals and have a thing going. The 8 year old even gave Circe a bath the other day all by herself, easy peasy. Ive spied her sneaking onto Circe’s stall and giving her lots of pets and smooches. They love each other,  Its really lovely to see. Every horse should be loved by a little girl once in their life.

Jez and Sammy

Jez and Sammy

Jez has had little snits but she hasn’t gone up on two legs with either trainer. Shes being ridden 4 times a week and this is the most shes been asked to work in a very long time. She seems happy and a little body sore. Which isn’t a surprise. She’s not fit and overweight though some of the weight is starting to come off and shes looking a little less tubby, were working on her fitness and its just going to be a process to getting her back into shape. I’m putting together some cash for the chiropractor to come out and in doing stretches with her as well. I want to make sure she has the best possible set up to over come her issues. I want to be 100% sure that its attitude and not body when she acts up so i’m saving my pennies once again for Dr Jim!

All in all its been a good month for the girls. Progress is being made every day which makes me really happy. Even if its wicked hot a lot of the time. Which i will try not to complain about too much because the opposite of hot is cold and after last winter ive had enough cold to last me a very long time.

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