Moon gets miles

Just chillin' pre-class
Just chillin’ pre-class

It was that time again, The Maryland Open Horse Show. They do these nice low key schooling shows about once a month and i’ve been shooting them.  They are held at Schooley Mill horse park which is the ring i used when i boarded the girls across the street. The only thing i miss about that place is the ring. My horses however don’t miss a thing about it, they hated the ring. Too over whelming for my sensitive OTTB mares. This time up it was Michelle’s turn to take her horse Moon and put some show miles on him. Shes taken him before but the last time he was rather jumpy and nervous. This time however he was great. She keeps him close to where these shows are held and can ride him over. Since its a hunter show you have to estimate when your class is and wait and wait and wait. Moon was entered in the Schooling horse division. Walk/trot, walk/trot/canter and over fences.

I got this
Flowers? I got this!

Since i was there i shot some of the Jr division. They younger riders over fences. about 2’3″ since last time i focused mostly on the Sr riders. It was nice to see some of they younger girls working on broadening their experience. I didn’t soot a ton because Michelle’s mom showed up and i was having more fun talking to her then shooting as i dont see her that often. Michelle’s mom rides too though though has been dismounted for a while because of an injury and is getting frustrated by not being about to ride until this fall. I hear that. When i was injured last year it was about 4 months until i was back on a horse and even then it wasn’t one of my own. So we hung out and chatted while Michelle waited until her class was called.


Michelle and Moon did great in all three classes and Moon jumped everything he was pointed at, flower pots and fancy colored jumps and all. He was a really good boy all day. Michelle and Moon were rewarded with 3 blue ribbons and more importantly more miles on Moon, who is for sale since he’s the project horse. He’s got a really great head on him and having ridden him once hes super fun. Lots of potential with this guy. Hes the kind of gelding everyone wants. A sane, tall, ottb with heart. I’ll be sad when she sells him because hes such a nice guy but i’m sure she will make sure he goes to a good home where he has the chance to meet his potential. Until then I’ll have fun shooting him at shows while he gets more miles on him and i’m sure earns more fancy colored ribbons.

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