Lead rope fun waiting on the Doc
Lead rope fun waiting on the Doc

Since Miss Jezebel is back in work 4 days a week i wanted to have Dr Jim come out and give her the once over. Hes the chiro, acupuncture, vet, bio-mechanic guy i had come out and and who diagnosed her with the ulcers and all that jazz back in March. The idea is I want to be sure that any tude i get from Jez is in the mind and not the body. Its not fair to get after a horse too hard who’s in pain. So i had Dr Jim come out. I was lucky he has other clients at my facility (of course he does its a high performance barn and hes the best) So I was able to split the barn call with someone from the upper barn. Yay!

I got there early and dusted off the dirty Jez. I like to try to have her presentable for people who are going to have to put their hands all over her. She was happy to come out of her box suite and hang out with me on the cross ties. In fact she was down right cheerful. Dr Jim sowed up and i gave him the low down on what has happened over the last few months. The move (twice), her treatment, her work schedule and attitude. He gave her the once over and was really happy that she didn’t present with ulcers! Score one for Jezebel. He also was really please there there was none as in ZERO issue with her neck and asked me if id been doing the stretches with her. I had and the results are showing. He then went over her hind end where she presented with a little pain nothing higher then a 3+ though. So its the engine that needs some work. He remarked at how nice it was to come see a horse that wasn’t in crisis and how clam and easy Jez was. I was thrilled hearing that, it wasn’t that long ago i was sobbing in my car in the mall parking lot because my horse was broken and i didn’t know how to fix her. He then showed me a laser treatment for miss Jez and how to apply the laser/light to address some of the hind end pain and then went back to where she had pain and palpated her… and she didn’t react! It was seriously like magic! That nerve point goes up to the spine and it took away her pain just like that. Jr Jim  gave me some things to do with Jez including a new myofascial release that i’m to do 2 times a day. He adjusted her ribs and did some acupuncture and then we had a nice chat about books.

It was great news and a good visit. A little work on her engine, some work on her mind and i’m well on the way to getting my horse back. I’m having him come back in a month or so to work on Circe.

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