The Maryland Open horse show

photo 5I went to the Maryland Open horse show this weekend. I didn’t enter any horses cuz .. yanno crazy. I did watch my trainer ride her horse in a few classes and take home some ribbons. Its a casual little schooling show hunter jumper style and they will be doing these once a month though i don’t know if i’ll go next time to watch. This seems to be a fairly tight knit little group and had my fill of listening to the stage mothers and the coaches trying to sound important whenever the stage mothers were in ear shot. This is mostly a kids show and there are very few adults competing. Mostly the adults are there for the green horse class getting their horses experience and putting miles on them. Just like my trainer was.

I would have lots of pictures to post only my SLR broke. I loved that camera and i’ve been using it for 7 years with no issues and then yesterday… it just craped out. Sadly. I ordered a new one as there have been a lot of advances in digital SLRs in 7 years. Even though its an unexpected high dollar item. Of course its a Canon so all my lens’ are compatible as in my book Canon makes the best glass. You cant call yourself a professional photographer with a camera phone… but I did get a few camera phone pictures though … cuz i cant help myself.


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