New camera

The new camera arrived. Since my trusty 7 year old Canon EOS died on me last week out of the blue and when i needed it, i had to get a new camera. I settled on the Canon t3i so that all my Canon glass would fit and so that my learning curve wouldn’t be gigantic like if i had decided to put myself in hawk for a Mamiya or something. It functions similarly to my old camera so it was an easy adjustment for the most part but its got lots of bells and whistled my 7 year old Canon didn’t. Like a HUGE fancy LCD screen and its auto focus is super fast on the recoil. I was just playing around … but i got some fun shots. I was pretty happy with it and i hope it lasts me another 7 years.

2 thoughts on “New camera

  • I don’t like it when cameras die just when you need to use it. Mine died after watching a friend at a horse show last year, so at least I got pictures.

    I was wondering—would you like one of your ex-racers to be featured in my ex-racehorse series on my blog? Please email me if you do!

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