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Big bite!

Big bite!

My week day morning feed person who also happens to be my friend (her daughter and i share a trainer) texts me every morning after her visit with the girls and their report card, which i love. They tend to be good girls and behave for her. The other day I got a text with a picture of Jez’s butt with a big hunk-o-hair missing. Horse politics have begun for real. Its a pretty big bite though only hair is missing no skin broken. I’m thinking it was the only gelding in the group as Circe and Jez don’t seriously fight and the other mare is pretty old and doesn’t get around and tends to just move off instead of confront. Process of elimination… Jax is the culprit. I put some coconut oil on it to encourage hair growth and will also rub in some vitamin E oil. This is the first sign of any real squabbling among the new herd and actually thats pretty damn good its been mostly uneventful. I only hope that when Jax comes in with a big ole hematoma  from being kicked that it’s also superficial cuz Jezebel… well she tends to not take too much shit. Much like her mom.

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