Squeaky Clean!
Squeaky Clean!

Spring really should be here but its not. Its gonna be late coming this year. Which if course sucks balls. Usually id be done with blankets by now but im not i still need them which means they are gross, dirty, muddy smelly messes of blankets. I gathered um up, stuffed them in to garbage bags and high tailed it to the local speedy laundromat, cuz theres no way i was sticking 1 blanket, 2 sheets, 1 cooler and 6 saddle pads in my washer at home. They have triple capacity machines at my local 24/7 mat which is awesome. I took my blanket wash with me and i went mid day on a week day to try to avoid large clothes cleaning crowds, screaming kids and general laundromat terrors. It was super easy peasy, almost empty and i was in and out of there in 40 minutes with clean everything. Of course it was all wet because i had to air dry them at home.

It was so easy in fact im looking forward to cleaning my mid weights once the season for them is truly over. Which according to the Farmer’s Almanac is end of May. To which I say…Fuck the Farmer’s Almanac

2 thoughts on “Wash-o-matic

    • myexracer

      Its been too cold here for the wash-rack method. They wouldn’t air dry they’d just freeze. With the extra long winter and now having two horses, its laundromat for moi! I’d rather send um out but i cant cuz…. cha-ching!

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