Magical Blog Hop: Seven Deadly Sins

VCBHThe 7 deadly sins, Viva Carlos Magical Blog Hop! Im a big fan of the seven deadly sins and a big fan of talking about horses… so naturally…

Pride: Seven great things/strengths in your riding life

1. Determination to see it through now matter what

2. The funds to have 2 ponies

3. Being open to being a better rider and better horse person

4. Adaptability

5. Michelle my super dedicated trainer

6. Patty my friend and wildly talented farrier who has really done me right

7. A partner who is supportive of me and my horses and always pitches in without complaint.

hermes-equestrian-bag-mainEnvy: Seven things you lack or covet for your horse

1. A trailer and truck

2. A dressage and AP saddle for each horse

3. Enough hours in the day

4. Hermes everything!

5. Indoor riding ring

6. Custom made tall boots for my awkward feet/legs

7. Horse property to keep the ponies at home

Wraith: Seven things that make you angry

1. Barn cliques, bah!

2. People who are afraid of their horses

3. Horses with absentee owners

4. People who are afraid of MY horses

5. Not having the funds to take riding lessons and pay for training for the horses

6. Surprise barn bills

7. People who don’t do right by their horses

Sloth: Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on

1. Cleaning tack, I never do it

2. Horse baths are short and never done well enough

3. When its cold I don’t ride as much as i should

4. Clipping bridle paths

5. Pulling manes, I have scissors and I’m not afraid to use them

6. Sometimes I ride with tangled tails because brushing them out takes too much time

7. My boots are never, ever clean

Greed: Seven most expensive things you own for your horse/riding

1. My bought brand spanking new saddle

2. Jezebels medical bills (ultra sounds, x-rays, shock wave, meds)

3. Two custom made embroidered show halters and fancy matching leads

4. Horse insurance on both girls

5. Monthly SmartPaks … for two!

Thats it there are only 5 everything else was bought on sale 😀

Gluttony: Seven guilty pleasure or favorite items

1. My $20.00 dollar silver fox bridle (I love it!)

2. My ever growing saddle pad collection (dressage pads too when i don’t even have a dressage saddle)

3.  Love, love, love, my fleece backed grooming mit

4. I buy all the pink stuff for Jezebel, its kind of a sickness

5. Just hanging out with the girls when I really should be riding

6. Organizing my tack locker so that its the envy of others

7. buying used tack online (also a sickness)

 Lust: Seven things you love about horses and riding

1. The connection between me and my horses

2. When they nicker to me when I get to the barn

3. Being part of a team/partnership

4. Their soft smoochable muzzles

5. Building trust with a 1000 lbs animal

6. When i’m sure i know what they are thinking

7. Time away from the outside world and life stresses


That was a lot harder then i thought it would be!


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