The wild ones

Circe being good
Circe being good

It finally melted… the snow, it finally melted. I made plans with my trainer to ride both the girls Saturday afternoon. Sunday is our usual day but she was working down the road with a friend of mine and her horses so we switched it up. Besides it was sunny and warm and by warm i mean it was 45 degrees out. Being the first warm day in what seemed like forever and a weekend the barn was crowded. Everyone wanted to ride. 2 people were riding up the driveway, another was tacking up for the trail and the resident natural horsemanship guy at our barn had back to backs at the same time as my girls training rides. We elected to split up the ring. We took the back.


Jez was up first and was not thrilled with working in the back of the ring but mostly behaving. Throwing her shoulder out  on the bends but it was correctable. When it came time to canter well thats when Jez lost her mind. She went from slightly pissy at having to hold her body correctly to “OMG i hate you, you never let me do anything i want to do and all my friends get to go to the mall” Teen-aged girl throwing a temper tantrum. All of a sudden she was bucking, kicking out and driving her shoulder into the fence on the bends so she was almost half passing across  short side of the ring. Yeah, it was like that. That wasn’t the worst of it though, the worst of it was the rearing. She was really mad at not being allowed to throw her shoulder out so her response was to rear. I got a photo of the first time…. Michelle stuck it and sent her forward. It was rather amazing. But the wild one wasn’t done being bad. More bucking and kicking out when she was asked to do something she didnt want to do and its not as if she was being asked to do anything hard. The second rear (the one i didn’t get on film) was straight up vertical. Michelle just dropped her stirrups and slid off landing on her feet. Then her and Jez got into an argument as Jez was backed up down the ring. She remounted and got back to it. My trainer is fearless, determined and was not about to let my naughty pony win. Jez didn’t win but it was a long ride.

Naughty Jez
Jezebel being bad!
Hi-ho silver...
Hi-ho silver…
Eventually getting this
Eventually getting to this


But everything is scary!
But everything is scary!

Circe was next also not thrilled with working in the back of the ring and she had A.D.D, a few spooks at nothing and was getting behind the bit a lot. Also head tossing and freaking out when you put your leg on cuz shes ultra sensitive to any aids and it was that kinda day. Both my horses were not on their best behavior. I’m glad Michelle had a chance to get on them both though and remind them they are not feral horses and actually riding horses. I’m going to ride them both tomorrow in the back of the ring because clearly they need to get out of thier front of the ring comfort zone and Michelle already did the hard part. It is going to be in the upper 40s again tomorrow but Monday they are again predicting snow! Noooooo! As of today the weather people are saying 5 inches of snow will stick but that could change cuz its two days away. I hope the whole thing misses us but with the way this winter has been going i highly doubt it. I’ve got to get the rides in while i can and then just wait it all out until spring i suppose.

Eventually getting this!
Eventually getting to this!

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