Rainy days

Hi mom, can we go for a walk
Hi mom, can we go for a walk

It rained all night and into the day. The horses were kept in. When I got to the barn they were both happy to see me. I love how Circe is really starting to let her personality come out. She also knows she’s my horse. Nickering to me when I arrive. What a sweet pony. I looked at the ring to see if I wanted to let the girls run around and stretch their legs. It was all sloppy and way to wet. I didn’t need anyone slipping. I decided to walk them each up and down the driveway. Jez was up first and was really good. Even though this was just a little stretch your legs walk I did some ground work with her. Making her stop when I stopped and backing her up when she took that one little extra step and got ahead of me. She also walked in deep puddles with no complaints. Yay, water progress! She was sweet and affectionate with me. You would hardly think she had just they day before dropped me on my ass from a rear. After her walk was over we did some carrot stretches. She was really flexible in all directions. Nothing seemed stiff. Nothing. Which is good I guess but I half expected her to be stiff somewhere and then I could blame the rearing episode on that. I’m still planning on having the vet out though just to give her the once over. Since it was sloppy no lunge to check for soundness, i;ll do that when the ring drys out a little.

Circe was next she’s not as good at stying out of my bubble as Jez but shes not bad. She’s a little more spooky as well. The heard of deer were out next door and she could see them. She was interested but she didn’t jump out of her skin like she has in the past. Good girl! We worked on her walking with me and not slightly in front of me and her staying out of my bubble. I couldn’t be happier with the effort she gives me. The temperature was dropping as I was walking up and down the drive and I was getting chilled. I put the girls away and went to yoga. Where I was a complete uncoordinated dork. Good times. It was a beginning class but clearly I was the most beginner there. I’m sure with a little time i’ll be down dogging it like a champ. My lower back only seized up once and i’m sure that was because of being dropped on my ass from 5 feet  in the air. I did feel better though when i got home. I’m sure the stretching helped and i didn’t wake up in the middle of the night worried about my horse and all the ” what ifs”  So maybe it helped clear my head a little too.

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