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photo 1Even though i was bummed i dragged my ass to the barn. I walked down to the field and got baby Besos. It was sunny but very cold (i’ll never get used to that) the wind was gusty and blustery. I brought her into the ring un-hooked the lead and just hung out with her. We did some stretches and she is super tight on the right.  I dragged the mounting block into the middle of the ring and Beso and i just spent some time together. Then Bootsy showed up. Bootsy is one of 4 barn cats.  She was asking for pets and i obliged her, then Jez came over and it looked like this.

Hey pet me!

Hey pet me!

I soy with my little eye... something that is a cat

I spy with my little eye…



photo 5

interspecies smoochez!

Its funny how Jezebel can melt my heart….

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