Lazy Days

Oh Hai

My first day back at the barn and my first day out of the house in a week. It was a warm 55 degrees, It almost felt like spring. I headed on down to the barn to see the girls, happy to be out of the house, finally! Still congested but not contagious. The girls were in their mud field just hanging out. I slogged though inches deep mud to get Jez who was laying down on a round bail. “Hello Besos”ย  I said as I walked up to her, she didn’t move just squinted at me and gave me lovey face. I love when she lets me approach when shes laying down, it shows real trust. I slipped her halter on her and stood there with a “whenever you’re ready gesture” she didn’t move. Ok then. I just waited finally some action but it was in the wrong direction she decided to lay all the way down, head on the ground she closed her eyes, her lip started to twitch and she began to snore. It was just about the most hilarious thing id ever seen. Yup i’m one of the herd alright, Besos was proving it while giving me snore face. I reached down and put a treat in front of her nose hoping to wake her up, she gobbled it in her sleep. Thats my girl! Right about this this time the hay truck was making the drive up the long driveway past my field and slowed watching me with a horse on a lead rope what was laying down in the middle of a round bale. I could tell they were concerned, i just waved at them shrugged my shoulders and they moved on. I must have been a sight. Besos then woke up but she didn’t get up, she decided to roll first. All the way over both directions, kicking her legs in the air me holding the lead rope. I was literately laughing out loud. I gave her another treat when the rolling stopped and she stood up. I was out there maybe 25 minutes. We then walked up to the barn. The hay guys were unloading and joking with me about my lazy racehorse. She was still half asleep walking up to the barn. Funny, funny Besos. Of course I had left my iPhone in the car so no pictures. Derp.

It warms my heart and I was so touched that she trusts me like that. There were days in that first 6 months after i got her, when she wasn’t bonded to me, when i thought that id have 30 years of a horse that didn’t trust me, or like me, or respect me. Days where i felt defeated and overwhelmed. I have to admit to got teary eyed thinking about how far we’ve come, Besos and I and how hard it was to get to just this point and especially how worth it was and is to have this wonderful, charming, loving, funny, beautiful thoroughbred mare in my life.

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