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Bridle path behind the farm

Bridle path behind the farm

Its been too frozen to ride. The ground is covered in snow and beneath that the ground is frozen. I had a glimmer of hope yesterday when it got above 32 and the snow in my backyard melted. Of course its colder at the barn so …no melt. Were supposed to get another inch tonight sticking. I know others have it worse but im really over this whole snow thing. I’m hopeful that it will warm up end of the week and the snow will melt and i can get my ponies back on a schedule. They are in the process of forgetting they are riding horses. Enough time with no work and my girls begin to think they are ornaments. It feels like its been weeks since my trainer was out to work with the girls. It feels that way because it is that way.

Nutter Butter!

Nutter Butter!

Today when i got the the barn, the girls were inside. It was a whopping 13 degrees out and they went out late and came in early. Both of my girls are good inside they don’t freak out, weave, or pull any antics if they are kept in a little more then normal. Im lucky like that. With the weather so cold with the wind it feels like 10 below. Both girls whinnied at me when i walked in the barn and both reached out for smooches. This was awesome because usually just Jez talks to me but Circe got into the mix. Circe was all snuggly and cute today like she was saying “dont forget about me, smooch me.. i’m your horse too” Melted my cold black heart it did. I gave them treats and smooches and pets and then i went for a walk around the ring with Mary (Willa) and her poocher peanut. I love peanut and sometimes call her Nutter Butter. With me everyone gets a nickname! She’s a lab mix and the barn doggie mascot, shes always happy to see me and is an all around great barn dog. The ring was frozen and icy. I had hoped it would be ridable and i could have Michelle out tomorrow. Nope not gonna happen. Then Mary, Nutter Butter and i decided to walk the bridle path to see what the footing was like. It was dicey. In some places it seemed like you could ride it, in others not so much. I decided that i wasn’t going to brave it with my baby green ottbs. I’ll have to wait for the melt. We walked up to the indoor entrance and back and i was tired when we got back to the barn. A testament to how out of shape i am and how much not riding for a couple weeks makes my unfitness more apparent. I suppose i should do something about that but the icy cold zaps my motivation.

When we got back I gave my ponies more treats and smooches and pets then headed on home. Its pretty uneventful these days, just waiting for it to warm. When it does though i really should hit it double time. I’ll just have to wait it out.

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