33d96d18cdbce2b1337ce185ee826794This should probably be an actual page not a post. Yanno so i can look at it all the time with it starring me back in the face every time I see my site, for motivation. Not that I need a ton, im a self motivated person. I’ve been a freelancer for the last 12 years. When I was a fancy shmancy art director in La La land I learned right quick to hit your motherfucking deadline. Of course that means you have to manage your workload, your clients expectations and make sure you buffer in for the unexpected. Setting goals is no different. The expectations you are managing are your own, the unexpected buffers you need to build in could be injury’s and changes to your time-line. This is kinda management of ideas, thoughts, actions and deeds is what i do on the daily. Oh and If i don’t hit my deadlines, i don’t get paid so I’m pretty good at it. So on to the goals…


Buy Circe her own saddle

She needs her own stuff. Jez’s saddle fits her really well but i don’t like her having the hand me downs and seconds like shes the red-headed step child. She needs her own and i’m going to get it for her.

I don't think a Hermes saddle is in our future but a girl can dream
I don’t think a Hermes saddle is in our future but a girl can dream

Convince Blaine to come to MD a few times this year for riding instruction

I love Blaine (Blaine Orris Eventing), hes a great teacher. I learned a lot from him in the short amount of time I took lessons before he moved to PA. I did see he’s had some clinics in my area so I’m going bug the crap outta him in the spring until he relents and makes the drive. Sure getting him down here will cost a fortune but eh, its only money.

Show Jezebel

Yup, thats right I’m going to show her, okay it will probably be a local schooling show but its a start and Besos needs to learn to handle shit like that. I have no Idea what I will show her in though. Working hunters over teeny tiny itty bitty fences maybe?

If there are ribbons for cuteness we will surely win
If there are ribbons for cuteness we will surely win

Get Jezebel trail ready

This one might be harder as I only have one person to ride with and shes probably putting her horse up for sale. Jez has been great on the trail so far, especially for a horse who’s only been out a handful of times. I’m super impressed with her ability and potential. She needs miles on the trail, lots of miles and she needs exposure to scary things like traffic and other scary trail things. I also will need to get her out alone since its pretty clear I will have a lot of solo riding in my future. I used to ride my old mare Mercy alone in the Hollywood Hills for hours and i enjoyed it a lot though riding solo was a byproduct of not having friends at the small private barn I moved her too. I came to be super confidant on her out there alone in the wilderness. I want the same for Jezebel. This is also a byproduct of not really having trail partners but it is what it is. I did it before, i’ll do it again. It’s funny how life comes full circle.

Get Circe ready for my better half to ride her

Its no secret that i got the second horse so that my amazing better half could ride with me. Took me a year of “suggesting” he take lessons until he relented and hes doing great. Circe is his horse, well shes mine and his. He works too much to really be a full time horse person but you gotta hand it to him he gets it. Love me, love my horses. In 2014 i’m going to step up her training so that she will be able to be ridden by a intermediate rider. Shes got the right attitude for it, her heads in the right place but she needs more training and more miles. So thats happening.

Red-Heads Rock!
Red-Heads Rock!

Keep both girls healthy in 2014

Having to rehab Jez though her injury sucked and i hope i don’t have to do anything like that again. Cuz it sucked…did i mention how much it sucked?

Keep me healthy in 2014

My injury sucked as well and i still don’t have full use of my left hand. I don’t know if i ever will. (been practicing holding the whip and the reins in the left, taint easy)ย  So i’m going to do what i can to stay healthy and uninjured.


Take more pictures with the real camera

I rely too much on my iPhone cuz its easy. I did go to a well respected and way to expensive art school and i do have a minor in photography but that iPhone is sooooo easy. I did before moving here to MD actually get paid to take photos. Granted they were in a specific niche that isn’t available to me out here much and i shot mostly people. I’m rusty and lazy so i’m going to force myself to shoot more. To that end i’m buying a new lens to motivate myself.

Make more friends

Moving to MD was one of the hardest things i ever did. I’m happy i did it. I moved for love. The back and forth from west coast to east coat was killing me and my better half both. However its been really hard, its had lots and lots of challenges. I had a lot of friends in LA, I was ingrained in my neighborhood and my local watering hole. I quit a magazine job to move here, i left my family, my friends and most of my possessions behind. I had lived in LA my entire life and i had a very full life there. Making new friends is never easy, the older you get the harder it is as well. Add to that I’m a touch unconventional. I have tattoos, pink hair (sometimes its red, sometimes its too many colors to count), i curse like a sailer, i don’t have kids or own a home. Though that was common for my circles in LA not out here in the MD burbs. I didn’t do what other people my age have done, and i work from home. It makes finding Peers hard.ย  I’m resolved to make new friends, people i can relate to on several levels (not just horses). This is a goal I will likely fail. Cuz the other part of this is, people piss me off and i have no patience for crazy, stupid, dumb…

Yup, pretty much
Yup, pretty much

Okay so thats it, all obtainable and if i don’t hit any of them i don’t really care. As I’m not married to any of it. My better half could get a job on the other side of the world and id pack up the horses, the dogs and us and drop it all to move to where ever. I don’t stress over things like this, I set them i achieve them unless circumstances are out of my control. I’m very clear on what i can and can not control in my life. So i don’t sweat it. I stress about the health of my horses and money. Pretty much thats all everything else… is manageable

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