Gettin' clipped!
Gettin’ clipped!

Jezebel gets fuzzy. Shes got no issues growing that winter coat. Since she back in full work and with her trainer 2 days a week she really gets a work out. The other days i ride, i take it a little easier on her. Basically i’m taking it a little easier on me but the result is the same. So Jez has been getting sweaty and cooling her out takes longer. Usually I  have to toss a cooler on her, wait for her to dry, blanket her in whatever weight the weather dictates and then I get to leave the barn for the day. Wait, that’s after i do that two number two lovely Circe as well. So I’ve been wanting to clip her. Of course I’ve never clipped a horse before, enter Tina! Tina is a vet tech and has mucho experience with the clippers. So I enlisted her help to do a simple partial trace clip on Jez. I had introduced Jez to the clippers the other day in preparation. I let them run with the clippers on blade side running all over her to see of she was cool with it, then i trimmed her whiskers. She was mostly good but really hates the clippers on her bridle path. So i prepped Tina with a “umm i have no idea if she’ll be good or not” and away we went.

Okay my fears of Jez freaking out… unfounded. She was great. I mean really great. She stood for it, didn’t fidget and didn’t complain. She actually seemed to sorta like it. Score on for Jezebel! My clippers are a 50 buck pair of Wahls not the best but not the worst so it took about 45 mins and Jez was sporting her new hair cut. Its a modified trace clip so nothing to drastic. I then took her out to the ring for a ride. I wanted to put the new clip though its paces but alas it was hard for me to catch my breath after riding for 20 minutes. I guess im not 100% yet, i tred out pretty easily. I elected to not ride Circe cuz i just didn’t have the energy. I will tomorrow though… right after her trace clip. Yup, shes up next!

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