You can lead a horse to water

Water water everywhere...
Water water everywhere…

Jezebel is not a fan of water. At our last barn on one of our very first trail rides she jumped over a water crossing (seriously like a inch of less of water in it) so she didn’t have to get her pony tootsies wet. She also hates mud or more specifically mud holes. So it was raining and I trucked on down to the barn to check on the girls who I knew were in because of weather. I put on Jezebels rope halter and we went for a little walk down the drive way. She was a very good girl, especially for being couped up all day inside. We grazed and walked until I was too cold and wanted to go back to the barn. On the way back i noticed these huge standing water puddles, I mean giant like little ponds. It rained really hard over a short period of time, water puddles happened. I wanted to see what Jez would do, if I kinda guided her to walk in the puddles. To my amazement she walked right into them, they were a few inched deep covered her whole hoof in some places and it was muddy and gross in there. My brave girl waltzed right in and stood, then she put her nose to the water and played with it with her lips! By George i think shes got it! Then to my surprise and delight she started pawing and playing with the water. Well thats not exactly water scared now is it. Gold star for bossy pants.

I got pictures.. kinda sorta, I was a little late pulling out my iPhone. I wish i had video of her playing in the water. Warmed my cold bitter heart. When i got home i relayed this story to my better half, i was giddy with delight he was all “whatever” i cant blame him poor guy gets the horse report every day and hardly ever bats an eye about it. I marveled at what a different horse Jezebel has become. Oh shes still opinionated and bossy, shes still curious and into everything, she still thinks shes the sun and the rest of us revolve around her but shes also brave as shit and has a cool “Yeah, I’ll give that a go” attitude. Going from a horse that would jump a ravine to avoid water to playing in it? Well hot damn, what a great rainy day surprise.

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