I call her Besos

Im ready, lets go!
Im ready, lets go!

It was a beautiful day out today and my trainer was able to come out to work with the girls. The barn was quiet and i pulled both girls out of the field and got them ready. Jezebel was up first and did much better today. She always does better when she’s busier working and I was able to ride yesterday and the weather was good so we got in a good ride together. She still takes a long time to warm up but not as long as when she had too many bad weather days off. She was looking good at the trot and didn’t give Michelle to hard of a time. When it was time to canter, her upward transition was better but she still wants to either throw her butt out or her shoulder out at certain spots in the arena. Ask her to canter in a place that she thinks isn’t the “canter spot” and get rewarded with a buck. Though her bucking was to a minimum this time out its still there. I have resigned myself to learn how to ride them. I’m a little scared but as soon as i get conformation that my insurance has come though im gonna start bronc riding and by that i mean making Jez work at the canter.. bucks and all. Time to channel my inner fearless-ness. She did better to the left then to the right which is funny because it used to be the other way around. Shes getting it though, shes bending when asked (most of the time) holding her body straight when asked (some of the time) and shes got a steady forward pace. Good girl. She also seems really happy to be working which delights me to no end, my little baby Besos

Circe I don’t wanna talk about right now. She didn’t get ridden today. Nothing too serious, I hope. Now that I think about it I better go make a payment on my credit card…ugh horses.  More to come on her later…

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