Eric Smiley Clinic

Life with Jezebel, OTTB, Training
[caption id="attachment_1634" align="alignleft" width="300"] Eric Smiley, Jezebel & Sammy[/caption] Eric Smiley was coming to town. He's a very sought after clinician and also an Olympian. I just missed him last  spring when he was teaching in this area  and really none of my horses would have been prepared for a clinic at that level last spring anyways. I personally think its important to be prepared. To make sure your not wasting anyones time (your instructor) or your hard earned money as these clinics are not exactly cheap. Sammy decided to ride Jezebel both days in two jump lessons. One was private the other was a semi private. Being as the clinics were being held at my farm i had the opportunity to audit sans big piles of cash both flat…
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