Broken Bone Update


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I was supposed to get my k-wires out last week. By out i mean my hand numbed up and them pulled out with pliers (i’m sure fancy medical pliers) But alas i haven’t grown enough bone yet. Two more weeks of wires and this splint. I was cleared to begin to handle horses in a week. Which means i can do a little hand walking as long as i’m super careful and keep my broken finger in the splint. So says my doctor.

So that is what i’ll do, i’ll be careful and at least I can help walk Lilly on the days her mom cant come out cuz unlike me shes got regular hours and isn’t a freelancer who can mold her schedule around horses and their ever growing time consuming needs. Im crossing my fingers Jezebel wont be too mad at me for not being her main caretaker for the last month  and decide to act out when i can start hand walking her on the days she isnt being walk ridden. We will see what happens. Always an adventure.

Oh Horses …


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Jez Field

Jez on one of her hand walks

The vet came down to work on Lilly who is my friend whos been helping me with Jez horse. Sadly Lilly is lame and well guess what soft tissue damage so even though its minor Lilly will be following the same RX as Jez stall rest and hand walking followed by walk riding. This should take 3/4 months, same as Jez. Le sigh (double time) You can read all about Lilly in Waiting For The Jump Niks blog (im “sally” in her blog but thats not really my name! ha!)

Jez: Play with me Lilly: Grrr!

Jez: Play with me Lilly: Grrr!

While the vet was down, she did a re-check on my pony. After buting her twice a day Jez is feeling better. Though she was off the bute for her examine shes still in better spirits, she only had to be given Ace once so far for a hand walk and that was more of a precaution. Jez showed she was feeling better to the vet right away by biting the vet as she walked by her stall. That’s my girl! The vet determined that her back was still sore but better and after we took her out and she showed sh was sound at the walk and only slightly off at the trot it was decided that Jez can now be walked ridden! On to phase two! I wont be able to be the one doing it cuz my orthopedist hasn’t even clearly me to handle horses let alone ride but for 4 days a week she will be walk ridden by my friend Nik and then the 2 days she will be hand walked and then get one day off. This will go on for a month then we do another ultra sound. I asked my vet about shock wave and she said we were past that stage. Okay then, that saves me 900 bucks. Yay!

So all in all Jez had some good news. but I’m super sad about Lilly though poor little mare. She doesn’t do as well as Jez on the stall rest, she needs other horses so will have to be shuffled around so she can be opposite other horses on stall rest. I wish Lilly and Jez were across from each other but they are on different aisles. Hopefully by summer the two BFFs can be back in their semi private paddock together.


Le Sigh


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Jez's get well card from my little sister in LA!

Jez’s get well card from my little sister in LA!

I cant do anything at the barn and its making me very upset and frustrated. I’m not allowed to handle horses and i have to rely on other people to help my horse though this rehab. I’m extremely lucky for friend at the barn who’s been taking on the bulk of what i should be able to do but cant. Shes pitching in like a champ i don’t know what id be doing i she wasn’t there to pick up my broken hand slack.

I went down to the barn yesterday to visit with my horse and it was hard. Not only was my back killing me and my finger throbbing but it was emotionally hard because i cant help my own horse. Jezzie was happy to see me and i hung out sitting on a stool in front of her stall and played animal sounds for her. One of my favorite keep  her busy on stall rest games. She will call back to the horse sound and the donkey sound made her perk up and look around searching for Leonardo, the barns recently deceased mini donkey mascot. (god i miss that little guy)

My friend got to the barn and a walked with her while she lead my pony on her 15 min walk on hard ground around the property. It was hard for me to keep up but i tried. Jez was a good girl and she seems to be doing pretty well on stall rest so far. I have to be careful though as that attitude can change in an instant. She can go from calm, well behaved, sweet little Jez to demon, i hate you mom you never let me do anything i want to do teen-aged temper tantrum Jez in the blink of an eye. This weekend my better half (with me in tow) has two walking shifts. I’m not sure if I’m going to ace her for those walks or not. My better half understands hes got to be the leader with Jez and gets it all in theory but hes got very little actual horse handling experience, so if Jez decides shes in charge he wont pick up the warning signs and i with my broken flipper wont be able to do much to help. I just don’t have any more money to correct my hand if i do anything to screw it up like grasp a rearing horses lead rope and make her behave before she re-injures herself and i have even bigger problems. This whole thing the fall, my depleted bank account, my horses injuries and my inability to do much to help her has made me super sad and more then a little frustrated.

I guess i will play it all by ear this weekend.


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Scary operating room

Scary operating room

I was told in emergency that my finger was going to need a pin. Its a triangular oblique break and goes though the knuckle. Okay umm yikes but i’ll deal. I made the appointment with the orthopedist and a couple days later i was in the office ready for the pin ( whatever that means) well apparently what that means is more ex-rays and then i got hit with the smack down.. i needed surgery and since I’m uninsured ( hurry up Obama care!) i was going to have to pay upfront out of pocket and this was not going to be cheap. I needed actual surgery. A k-ware was needed to hold the break together while my finger mended. Of course was given the option to do nothing but that would leave me with a deformed finger and when i looked down at my hand asking myself could i live with it i started to tear up. As with most women i have some body issues but one of the things I’ve always loved about my body was my hands, i have long graceful fingers, deep nail beds and i cant tell you have many complements i get on my hands… i just could live with it as vain as that sounds, i just couldn’t. My orthopedist took pity on me and even though this is the kind of surgery he usually does under a general h said we could do it under a local to cut down on the cost of the operation. He called a plastic surgeon he know in the same building and made arrangements with him to use his operating room so i didn’t have to go to the hospital and the whole thing was going to cost me 3k upfront. just for the surgery…

X-ray of K-wire though my finger!

X-ray of K-wire though my finger!

When i got home i lost it, my poor better half was trying to console me to no avail. I had the 3k, it was the money I’ve been saving to buy the horse trailer I’ve been dreaming about. Ive been painstakingly and with out fail putting away money every single month to get a trailer so i could take my horse places. Now i was going to have to spend that money on surgery. Later that night i transferred the money from my savings to my checking and the next day i showed up and handed over my debit card and said good bye to my horse trailer dream. At least for now. The rest of the money in my savings account will go to the vet for Jez latest diagnostics and  and to the emergency room. I haven’t gotten that bill yet, i get scared just thinking about it.

Actual K-wire though my finger

Actual K-wire though my finger

Surgery was smooth and not the horrible experience i thought i was going to be, i was awake during it and my DR even helped me take pictures of the whole thing. A decision wad made to put in 2 k-wires and not just one to make sure the bone wouldn’t slip. My hand was wrapped like a flipper and then next few days my mobility was very limited. 5 days later i was put into a smaller splint. I made a promise to my DR that i wold be a good citizen and not handle horses for a month so he agreed not to put me in a cast. I really didn’t want to be in a cast, that would make doing anything impossible. With the splint i can 2 finger type though it hurts a lot when i try. I’m thinking that will fade with a little time. At the end of the month i will get my hand numbed up and the k-wires will get pulled out with pliers. I’m sure very expensive speciality orthopedic pliers, or at least I’m sure that’s what i’ll pay for. So far the finger brake with the cost of DR visits, x-rays and surgery is close to 4k.

Flipper hand

Flipper hand

My advice is to make sure you have insurance before you decide to  ride a wild bronc and barring that, let go of the reins when you get bucked off  so they don’t get caught up and break your hand. I thought this was a lesson i already knew, seems i needed a refresher course.




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Twitched for the block

Twitched for the block

They day after I got tossed into a fence and driven away by the EMTs on a backboard and neck brace a friend was going to lunge and maybe hop on my pony. Clearly she needed some work and i am pretty laid up. On the lunge it was clear my horse was lame, not off lame. it was the right hind. Ugh. So yesterday I met with my vet. We did a lameness exam, some flexation tests, she was found to have a very sore back  and then it was decided to block the foot. Jez was being a real nasty brat and we had to twitch her to get that done. It revealed nothing she was still lame. Okay on to block the fetlock. Yeah that didn’t happen my super brat was mean to the vet (kicking her) and was not going to let the second block happen. We had even aced her. Ugh!  We went to an ultra sound that is after my vet took my super obnoxious horse to the ring and gave her a good talking to “you think you’re the first track horse I have encountered!!” and she made her move around her bossing my brat around with the chain over her nose. “I am allowed to touch your legs!” as she bossed her some more touching her legs and making Jez do as she was told. My pony is lovable and sweet but man when she doesn’t want to be screwed with she turns into a wild beast so i was happy the vet gave her the business. She mostly behaved for the ultra sound. Mostly.

Standing for the ultra sound- phew!

Standing for the ultra sound- phew!

Jezebel has a minor disruption at the origin of the suspensory. So yeah soft tissue damage. It’s not horrible but the treatment is gonna be hard. 1 month of stall rest and hand walking and grazing. (yanno while she loses her mind) then 1 month of walk/riding and shes gonna have to be aced for that cuz no trotting, no leaving the ground and catching air or we’re back to square one. Jez is good for about 2 weeks on stall rest then she starts to be hard to handle on the ground. I’m not sure how long my hand is going to be in recovery, i’m getting surgery today so i’m going to have to enlist help… lots of help. I’m sad because I had just gotten the new semi private paddock and now… stall rest. My vet is pretty flexible though and theres some possibility down the road that i can ace her and put her in a small hospital paddock and watch her to make sure she doesn’t freak out and screw up all the hard work.

So the thought is that she’s back sore from the soft tissue injury, and that’s why she bucked me into the hospital. Jez gets a pass it’s not that she decided to be a really bad horse it’s that she was hurting. I do need to get back on a horse though as soon as i’m cleared to ride, maybe i’ll see if someone at my barn will lend me a pony. I don’t want this fall to shake my confidence and i think getting on board as quickly as i can is imperative.



The pin is being put in my broken finger today and my back is still pretty jacked up. Though I am walking around a little bit. I’m nervous about the pin and i’m not sure how long the recovery from that will be, I guess I will find out in a few hours. My head is surprisingly hard and though it has a huge bump on it and hurts when i touch it,  i don’t have much of a headache. I am going to look into getting a different helmet. I like the one i have, its lightweight and i thought it fit well but sliding forward ever so slightly while I was getting bucked off left just enough space for my head to make contact with the fence, which could have been really, really bad. I was lucky, though right about now with the pony being on stall rest and me about to go into orthopedic surgery, i’m not feeling so lucky.

Bronc Riding


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I wasn’t even going to ride, but it was so quiet that i decided why not. We had a successful trail ride the other day and even though spring was in the air and my horse was a touch cranky i though it a good idea to tack up the girl and put a few more miles on her.

What bad horses look like

She was a little Zoomy and very forward but i got her attention and we trotted adding in many circles, she settled in and i decided to canter her. She easily went into the canter but right away started to buck. What the hell! this was new, i felt like i was on a river rafting trip ans she bucked/cantered all the way down the short side of the arena. I had to one rein stop her to get her to stop. I actually said out loud though no one was in the ring to hear me “What they hell is wrong with you that’s not allowed” as if my headstrong pony would listen. I had never felt her buck before, hell i had never seen her buck before.

We walked and i had her move off my leg from side to side, she was listening. I had her trot, in small circles and then bigger circles, she was listening. I Had her stop and wait and then move on, she was listening. At that point a friend came into the ring to ride her big paint quarter horse. as she was mounting i thought id take Jez over a little baby jump on the opposite of the ring. the smallest cross rail you have ever seen and one we’ve hopped over several times before. usually Jez just trots over it and doesn’t muster even the effort for an actual “jump” well she did today.

She jumped it, then broke into a canter and then… bucking. not just one buck but series of actual big rolling bucks, the kind that are designed to get me off. That’s just what happened i was bucked off… into the fence. I hit it hard my head making contact with the wood  just underneath my helmet that had gotten pushed forward during the time i was trying to hang on for 8 seconds, i broke at least one rail on the way down and i landed on my back, i think. My left hand got caught up in the reins. Jez just stood over me as i lay there in the dirt. My friend yelled out asking if was i hurt and i yelled back… Yes, i hit my head.

Another barn friend ran out (an ex trauma nurse) and and based on the fact i was very dizzy, getting nauseous, everything was going white and getting very tunnel like to call 911. The ambulance and fire truck arrived sirens blazing cuz yanno why not make a spectacle of yourself. i was strapped on a backboard and a neck brace was put on and away in a ambulance  was taken. good times. At the hospital a CT scan was done, lower back X-rays, and hand X-rays. My head and neck are fine my lower back isn’t broken but man it hurts like a mofo and my hand will i knew that was broken cuz it was twisted the wrong way. yup i was right, its going to need a pin which think means surgery. I’ll find out more today when i get the orthopedist on the phone and make my surgery appointment.

Temporary splint needs a pin

My barn manger and the farm owner showed up to the hospital which i think was going above and beyond. They are really great people and I am very touched by how caring they are. My amazing better half jumped in a cab and got there much faster then i expected, and kept me calm and cheerful. The staff at the hospital were all very nice and in good moods, plus they gave me a ton of really good drugs including dilaudid which is more commonly known  as hospital heroin. So i was in good spirits though getting out of the hospital was challenging the drugs coupled with my lower back issue made it really hard for me to walk. So i was wheeled out in a chair. Boo!

I slept though most of the night but today my back is in a lot of pain, its hard to get from laying to sitting and then sitting to standing. Walking yeah that’s only the 5 steps to the bathroom and back. Surprisingly my broken finger doesn’t hurt to bad  in my splint and i can two finger type. I hope this pin i need in it won’t be such an ordeal but I’ve never broken a bone before so I’m a little nervous about the whole thing.

I made arrangements in my hospital heroin stupor for my friend who’s been exercising Jez to work with her while I’m down for the count. I think i need to call her and find out what i said for sure cuz its kinda a fog. I’m going to chalk this up to spring fever. My pony needs to understand shes not a wild horse who can just do whatever she wants  when shes in a mood and were going to work on that yanno as soon as I’m cleared to get back in the saddle. I’m crossing my fingers that will be soon. I need to get back on that horse.

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But that blade of grass tastes better!

My girl got a stone bruise its taken a couple weeks to heal. Granted i am giving her extra time off because because i’m a little paranoid about it manifesting into a abscess (dodged a bullet on that one) while this resting of the bruised foot was occurring a semi private pasture became available. One of the barns long time boarders was leaving and his paddock mate being moved in with a couple other guys so he wouldn’t be lonely. A friend and I lobbied for the new paddock and were lucky enough to get it so now Jez is in semi private turn out with Lilly. The two girls are like peas in a pd and get along really well. They are also the two youngest horses at the barn. its a good match and hopefully since they wont be in the huge turnout with 20+ other horses they wont be getting  so banged up running around like idiots. Time will tell. Its a few bucks more a month but i think it will be worth it.

Thanks for the new paddock!

To help cute down on the bruising and because i want to start taking Jez out on the trail i got her some Cavallo boots! I also got them on sale cuz it seems no one wants the pink boots but me. I elected to get the pastern wraps aw well because i dont want her getting rubs from the boots.  I’m going to start breaking them in on her today.

Had a late snow this year, WTF. Im not real fond of the snow sure it looks nice out your window but its not only cold and annoying to try to drive in but when it melts everything is muddy soup. The footing gets really torturous and I’m always worried I’ll be in for another injury. This better be the last snow if the season, i want spring with its flowering trees and warmer weather. I’m tired of dressing in so many layers I cant move.

This is spring?


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Its cold mom!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written and not because nothing is happening. With work, and the bitter terrible winter cold (Yes, I’m being dramatic) I’ve been unmotivated to write. So an update is in order.

Jezebel is wonderful and just as pretty as ever.  Over the fall we had a really bad case of thrush with took her out for a while. It was the cause of her mystery lameness (after much searching) I found the best stuff to battle her persistent thrush was “Tomorrow” my vet wanted me to go the bleach route but that didn’t seem to be doing the trick but the Tomorrow worked and eventually she got better and I was able to start riding her again. I took it real slow because

A. She was stiff and had been out of wok for a couple months

B. Winter makes me crazy

Yes, I am weaing two coats!

It was also miss thangs birthday on 2/10 and I trudged out in the cold to see her and give her birthday treats. It was pretty muddy out being yanno winter and gross so  with my man in tow we hopped the fence to visit my girl and say happy birthday. On the agenda was grapes ( her favorite thing ever) carrots and a granola bar. Okay they granola bar, not a hit. Which i found strange because my horse will pretty much eat anything.  It was kinda bitter sweet for me in a weird way because Jez is my baby horse and some part of me never wants her to mature and grow up. I love all her annoying baby habits and i guess time will tell which f these are because shes young and immature and which of those are just Jez.

My trainer moved out of state so I am trainer-less. In theory he will make visits down a couple times month but I don’t know how possible that really is, looks like im on the hunt for someone new. It sucks because I really liked him and was learning a lot.

Let me explain about winter and my bad attitude. I’m from southern CA where its beautiful weather 365 days a year (except for a few hot weeks in summer) winter to me is 70 degrees and sunny with a little rain in March. This real weather thing has thrown me for a loop. I thought last year was cold here and all the locals were telling me it was a mild winter. I didn’t believe them because I was so cold all the time but damn if they weren’t right. This year I’m wearing gloves every day at the barn and some days I cant even make it there. My seasonal depression doesn’t help with getting myself to the barn on super cold overcast yucky days. Yes, I need a full spectrum lamp and I need to sit under it… a lot.

So to help fill in with making sure Jez gets all she needs I’ve hired an exercise rider. A new person at my barn with good skills, very quiet hands and a pretty pony of her own is going to be riding my girl a couple times a week. I tried her out and Jez really responds well to her. Jez needs some more miles on her and I need so help getting Jez comfortable at the canter. Last time we cantered it was because she spooked and I was pitched into the fence. Good times! So far its working out really well and my pony seems very happy. She needs to be engaged more then I can engae her over the winter because of my own deficiances. I think I might have stumbled into just what my pony needs right now.

Oh and Jezebel’s insurance was approved. My horse is now insured which give me a little peace of mind and it will also let me spend a little cash in my horse (please don’t get sick) savings account on a horse trailer come the end of spring. Wee!


Let The Games Begin


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Red=Kicker Pink=Awesome

The horse farm where my pretty pony lives is a boarders only barn. This means that there are no school horses, lessons don’t have the right away and every one has equal access to the facilities. Most people are pleasure riders, with a few eventers, a few judge trail riders and a couple of show jumpers thrown in for good measure. It’s a pretty good group of laid back friendly people. My farm puts on a games day once in a while. Which is basically a judged obstacle course. It was open to the whole barn and about 15 of us decided to participate. It was to take place in the our door arena (weather permitting) and there were to be 20 obstacles to navigate with your horse. Things like, walking though scary stuff, doing a 360 in a small space, backing up in an “L” walking over a teeter-toter, a bridge and a tarp. We had the option to either complete the course under saddle or in hand. I opted for in hand since this was Jezebels first time doing anything like this and she gets very distracted in the outdoor area, there’s just some much to look at! Couple that with lots of people and activity and I thought it was our best bet to make this a very positive experience for her.

Best Pals

We were 8th in line and when our name was called we completed the course in record time, Jezebel did every single obstacle with out hesitation. Well except for the water, she wouldn’t walk though the little man made pound. (too much like the mud hole I suppose) but wham bam thank you man everything else was a slam dunk! Circus pony wasn’t afraid of nuthin’ not the scary scarecrow, the blue danglers, the kids bike driving back and forth , the bridge or anything. Not the waving flag or witches hat, nothing phased her. Which was awesome.

I wasn’t sure how well she was going to do, since we didn’t get to practice much with was put out in the arena the week before and about 15 of the obstacles were surprises so I made sure that at the very least we were going to look good. We wore matching pink bows in our hair (her mane and tail) and I glittered up her hooves and we were both pretty in pink. Yes, I’m that girl. We looked awesome and my little pony did well too! Now what I didn’t know was that if you hand walked you wouldn’t be scored. I was under the impression that hand walking would be for reduced scores. Oh well, no ribbon for us.. this time. Next time though look out cuz circus pony is ready to kick ass.



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Yum, Grass

The opportunity came up to take my girl off farm. A new girl at my barn is a show rider. By girl I mean shes 12. She;s my new buddy at the barn, we hang out, compare our taste in bright pink tack and talk horses and school. She reminds me of my sister who I miss as they are almost exactly the same age. She’s a talented hunter/jumper with an adorable 14.2 black pony named Beauty. She goes to shows about once a month and her mother who is at the barn with her every afternoon offered to let us tag along to a show so Jezebel could gain some experience going off farm. My girl being an ex racer trailered I’m sure but this was different. Its been 6 months since shes stepped foot on a trailer and that was her trip to come to me.

I was up before the sun and on the road to the farm. My 12 year old friend was going to be riding in some early classes so we needed to be on the road by 7am. The trailer was hooked up when I got there and the horses were just fed. We let them eat and I packed the trailer with  items I thought I might need. Her training halter, lead, treats Gatorade (in case she wouldn’t drink) her rain slicker in case of rain and I pulled out my brand new shipping boots for the ride. Getting the shipping boots on was interesting, they are not labeled front or back and of course I got them on wrong. Jez wasn’t thrilled with them either. They are supposed to be easier then wraps but I’m not sure about that, they didn’t seem easy.

Everything is so exciting!

After Beauty loaded it was my pony’s turn she was a little unsure about the ramp but she tentatively got on the trailer and voila loaded and ready to go on our first off farm adventure. We drive to pick up the rest of the family (dad, grandpa, grandma and of course my new 12 year old friend) and off to a horse show in Virgina we went. It was a shot ride maybe 30 minutes and we were pulling into a grassy field with trailers and trucks and horses everywhere. We got our spot and it was time to unload. Beauty (and old pro at trailering) walked right off backwards down the ramp with ease. Jezebel well she kinda went off nervous and a little crooked. she was very excited, so excited in fact that she was shaking. I mean really shaking, id never seen her act like that before,  head in the air higher then I’ve seen her lift it taking in all the sights, sounds and dancing at the end of her lead. I was worried that this was going to be too much for her. Did she think she was racing that day is that why she was shaking? I talked to her in hushed tones and made it clear I expected her to listen and behave. She bent her head down for some grass and grazed a little. She would do that in between moments of raised head and nervous calling out to other horses. The shaking stopped after about 10 minutes and she started to settle in. My 12 year old friend was getting ready for her first class, her whole family was in on getting Beauty and her ready, Jezebel was slowing winding down and I felt first the first time since we arrived that we would be able to handle the day and I was relieved.

Peas in a pod

The day progressed and Jezebel got comfortable with the little paddock area we carved out for ourselves next to the trailer. She would graze at the end of the lead and generally was pretty good. My 12 year old friend rode in her morning classes and ribboned in each one. We broke for lunch and decided it might be a good time to try to tie Jezebel to the trailer with a hay bag and see how that went. It wasn’t the best thing we did all day, she didn’t want to eat from the hay bag she wanted to graze. She had begun pawing at the ground. That’s not a habit she normally has, I think it was nerves. Pawing at the ground is fine but she also started pawing at the trailer when she was tied to it, umm yeah not fine. That’s something were going to have to work on. I think I will get her a hay bag for her stall and use that once in a while so she gets used to eating from it quietly and calmly. After lunch and before my 12 year old friends afternoon classes Jez was as settled in as she was going to get. My 12 year old friend was hugging her and loving on her and she was a happy pony, she likes my 12 year old friend quite a bit and was reveling in the attention. That’s when her mom suggested we pop her up on Jez and well we did. All of a sudden everything was normal. Jez had a job and was thrilled to lunge around in a circle at the end of the lead with this little girl on her back, with no tack as she spread her arms out and sang “i believe i can fly”  We were all amazed at how good they looked together and the moment melted my heart.

Ready to go home

When it was time to go Jezebel loaded like a champ walked right up the ramp and was ready to get on the road. Back at the farm she unloaded with out incident a little crooked down the ramp but not as crooked as before. She was excited to be back home! I put her in her stall while I unpacked an then put her out in the filed with her herd. It was a very long but super exciting day for both her and me. We need more trips, she’s very clever girl, it wont take long before she understands that going out doesn’t mean going to a race. I’m truck shopping right now and will get one before the end of the year, then next spring its time for our own trailer. Oh the adventures we will have.