Framed Art Dot Com – Review

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 10.25.05 AMWhen the good folks over at Framed Art reached out to me I was more then happy to review one of their products. Especially since my new farm house was so much bigger then my last place and I needed cool things to put up on the walls. I picked out a framed Mickey mouse art print with a single mat and a solid  black contemporary frame with an inner edge accent. The print I chose is called Mickey’s Hobby Horse. In searching for a horse related print I found there were a plenty of options to chose from though being a girl who likes vintage I would have liked a few more vintage advertising options with horses, though their regular horse options were plentiful. From modern to classic art they had a lot to chose from. I was really impressed with how easy the process was. I chose a print then used their built in selector to chose the matting and framing that best suited me. There was a large selection of frames and and mats. I went with a single mat but you can go all the way to a triple mat of varying colors if thats what you want.

When the print arrived it was packaged really well, there was no way this would ever get damaged in transit. The piece itself was really sharp, the frame was solid, the matting was perfect and the whole thing looked great. It looked like a custom frame job from a fancy frame store only I didn’t have to leave the house to get it done.

Pros: Professional framing, sharp print, nicely packaged for shipping, competitive price point.

Cons: A few more vintage advertising options with a horse theme would be nice but honestly thats being nit picky!

Lowdown: This is a great option of you’re looking for farmed art that looks like a custom job but isn’t as pricey. The convenience factor of being able to do all this online is off the charts and the prices are competitive to boot!