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The better half and the event horse

The better half and the event horse

Everything is plugging along according to plan. The horses are doing well, progressing and thriving. Ive been getting plenty of ride time on both horses and my confidence on both improves daily. My better half is taking lessons every week on my trainers event horse (an un-raced TB) and getting better with each ride, its really nice to see him figuring the whole thing out. I on the other had need improvement. Besides being out of riding shape it seems i’m posting from my hands. Thats not something i’ve done before. I’m going to chalk it up to me having had too much time off regular riding and my unfitness. I’m using my hands for balance.. bad! Michelle was kind enough to spend some time watching me ride yesterday where the hand posting was discovered. I knew i didn’t feel right but i thought i was me just being tired. Nope, tired maybe but tired and unbalanced. So now i need to work harder and post from my core. Which is fine because id rather have actual things to work on while i get myself back into riding shape. One of the things about being at a high performance barn is that you really are inspired to be a better rider. Everyone around you is great from the Jr riders in pony club, to the working students all the way up to the 4 star international rider sharing the ring with you. Getting on your game is imperative.

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