New things

Walking around
Walking around

It was both horses first day working with Michelle at the new place. The new trainer was going to be there as well so her and Michelle could get on the same page and all that jazz. I was both nervous and excited. We moved in last Sat i gave the girls Sunday off and Monday i started to get them used to the new place. Taking them for walks around the property bridle paths, getting them into the wash stall and used to their new cross ties. Everything is going really well. They are settled into the routine and their stall suites. Those stalls are freaking huge!

Michelle arrived and we started with Jezebel and went down to the indoor arena. One other person was working her drop dead gorgeous German imported warmblood. She was very friendly and welcomed me to the new place. Jez all tack up got lunged. She did well, she was a little bit of a lookie loo but Jezebel and i have experience in an indoor. She did as she was told, moved nicely  and loved looking at herself in the mirrors (of course she did) it went so well that Michelle decided to hop on. Bonus! she walked to the left ( her current good side) in a few circles then hopped off. Jez got lots of praise then Michelle got back on and went to the left again. Jez was being really very good so Michelle went to the right. The right is the side she usually rears on. Only she didn’t. Even when she was asked to stand still she didn’t rear. After a few circles jez was done for the day. It was a A+ day for miss Jezebel. The idea here is ground work then short successful rides, very slowly increasing them. If she rears ten she will get worked very hard. If she doesn’t then its going to be easy peasy.

On to Circe. Circe walked down to the right like a champ. She looked a little bit but really didnt care and was calm and relaxed. Once in the indoor it wasnt so easy. I have no idea of Circe has ever been in an indoor before or not. There were two people working their warmblood in the ring this time (see a pattern here?) One dud was cantering his horse and though he was controlled the sound of his hooves hitting the equicush footing was disturbing the ever sensitive Circe. The other rider had a bad habit of getting very close to your horse when she was riding by. Circe also was upset by this but eventually she got into lunging and then calmed down enough for Michelle to get on her after the cantering dude rider left. Michelle did some nice trot work with Circe and it took a long time for her to settle in. The mirrors scared her and when the last rider (too close girl) left Circe almost had a melt down being left alone working in the indoor. However even with all that she did really good, she eventually relaxed and did some good work. For her first ride in a new place in possibly her first time in an indoor.. she rocked.

Michelle and the new trainer had a chat about how to move forward and Friday is the new trainers first day on Circe. Im pretty excited because there wasn’t a huge step backwards. Both girls did well and we can keep moving forward and it looks like i will be able to get n Circe in the near future. Jez wont be far behind but her i’ll be working with on the ground. So far the new place is working out well.