Fulcrum Gallery – Review

Thats the print right behind the smart paks!
Thats the print right behind the smart paks!

When the nice folks over at Fulcrum Gallery approached me about reviewing one of their products I was pretty excited about the prospect, cuz yanno I went to fancy art school and I happen to love art. I did however have to think on it a bit, how exactly would this fit in with a blog about horses? Then it hit me… I needed tack room art! Yeah, thats right art for the new tack room. It a a big space and the walls were art free. I could change that with a little help from the folks at Fulcrum.  After talking to their rep, I started with a search on “horses” and ended up after a little thought and effort with a really nice framed art print ready to hang.

Pros: They have a really nice selection of horse art. If you like cowboy art, fox hunting art, classical paintings, vintage horse art or photographs. They have pages and pages of nice selections. I know because I looked at them all. Seriously all of them.  They also have really nice stock framing options. From different kinds of glass  (museum, low glare) to a wide selection of frames in a varies of materials and colors. Even though the menu is preset you can do a single, double or triple mat on your selection and chose the mat width with in reason. I did a double mat because i think triple is almost always overkill and single mats are rudimentary. Yes, i’m a frame snob, go figure. Oh and the prices are super reasonable. No lie! If you’ve ever had anything custom framed then you know how much that costs, its like two car payments and a juicer expensive.  So if you are looking for a quality art print, framed nicely at a reasonable price then Fulcrum Gallery is the way to go.

Cons: I would have liked to have seen more options on mat colors. They have the standard neutrals and a few brights but in trying to match or balance out your print it can be a little challenging. Especially if you want to do something that isn’t standard linen white and black. Id also like to see more classic black and white horse racing photo options for prints. My first thought was to hang black and white racehorse prints for the tack room but the selection was limited for this OTTB lover. Instead I went with something classical.

Lowdown: Over all it was a smooth experience and i was really impressed with the selection of possibilities, how it was packaged for shipment and the overall quality of the item. Id totally get frame art prints from them in the future. I of course was looking for horse art but their selections on other areas are just as deep and wide and well worth taking a gander at if your looking for framed art. Its a quality piece that looks great hanging on the wall people might even think you had it custom framed.

SeuratEventually I settled on a piece that would look great in my dining room. I know you thought tack room art, right? Me too! but then my life changed and though not a secret to those close to me I’m moving out of the new farm into a an even newer one (more info to come shortly) and i no longer needed to dress up my tack room but the dining room i spend a lot of time in. I settled on a lovely Georges Seurat (one of my favorite post impressionist painters) print called “The Circus” which was an unfinished work by Seurat as he died before he could complete it. Its a nice example of  Divisionist theory and juxtaposition. Oh snap, i just all art school on ya’ll!

One of the many names for Jezebel is Circus Pony and I have always been fascinated by ponies that have run away to the circus like i often wanted to do as a child. So it was fitting choice on many levels.