Paddock fail


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I might change her name Cthulhu

I might change her name Cthulhu

Tried to ride Circe in the small paddock today. Id call it a fail from the moment i tried to mount and my foot slid out of the stirrup on a truly epic mounting fail until she baby reared at me when I was on the ground walking her back in to the barn. We only got around the paddock once then her antics made it too risky for me to keep on keeping on so i dismounted. I made her stand in the cross ties while i mucked stalls. There was no way in hell was going to reward her with going back to the herd, or standing in her stall eating after she was a total brat. In her defense she is still in heat however horse PMS only gets you the slightest amount of slack in my world.

On the bright side when i was leaving tonight they were dragging my field. I  have to say i love a well maintained field. A+ for that!

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