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Oh Charles you look good on my head!

Oh Charles you look good on my head!

Once a year I get older. I’m not happy about this but it happens regardless of what i think or how i feel about it. This year for my birthday i got snow…. oh and a new Charles Owen Helmet. Cuz my better half knows what i like. Last year i got snow too. When I lived in LA i got rain every year for my birthday for as long back as i can remember. It’s because who ever controls the weather pretty much hates my guts no matter what state i live in.

So now with my new awesome helmet i can ride the girls in style. Right after i break the sucker in and get the girls settled into their new barn and teach them not to freak out crossing the street to the ring and fix Jezebels ulcer’s .. and, and, and, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Though every year i secretly hope to get this… Shhhh

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