Bad Pony

After the Ace
After the Ace

Jezebel tried to kill Nik. At least that’s how I’m telling people the story. Jez has been really good while being aced for her walk rides that Nik and i got to thinking it might be a good idea to try her un-drugged. I’ve had better ideas in my life. So we get Jez out to the outdoor so Nik can mount her and shes being a real brat. Tossing her head at the mounting block, stepping back from it trying desperately hard to get a good look at the barn managers new handsome dappled gray draft cross who she was riding for the first time. Jez though he was hot as hell, which meant damn shes in heat and i didn’t notice until just then.

So my barn manager asked me to help her tighten her girth cuz it was slipping (new horse, new saddle) so I walk away from Nik and Jez just for a second and one handed inched up the girth when all of a sudden I hear my barn manager yell “Bail!” I turn to look and Jez is a wild bucking bronc getting air and trying to toss Nik off with her giant rolling full arched back bucks! I yell at Jez to knock it off, shes usually rather responsive to being yelled at and Nik one reign stopped her but Jez was still really worked up. I grabbed her reigns from the ground and Nik got her to stand still for a minute then she dismounted. We took Jez back to the barn to shot her with 4 CCs of ace waited for it to take and then marched her back to the outdoor so Nik could try for round two. Jez was behaving, she was listening, though from the ground it looks like she was being a little headstrong. Nik rode her over to her paddock where the ground is harder and walk rode her for 20 minutes and Jez behaved. I think Nik was a little freaked by the whole thing. Jez’s bucks are epic rolling big bucks, which is how she got me off into a fence and taken to the hospital. I sure hope this isnt a new habit and is just a reaction to being on stall rest and a she does still have a slightly sore back. ugh.

The long and short of it is Jez needs to be Aced to ride. The next day she was such a horrible brat being tacked up that she only got walked in her tack and not ridden. Im chalking a lot of this bad behavior up to her being in heat. Shes a different pony when shes got PMS and being on stall rest on top of it has made my sweet loving horse lose her mind. I got more ace from my vet and the RX actually says “2 CCs as needed for Craziness” My vet has a good sense of humor, she also has her own OTTB who’s rehabbing from an injury so shes in the same boat as me and truly “gets it”

I’m really hoping end of next week I get these wires out of my hand so I can do more with her, I think she needs to be taken out to graze and not just walked twice a day or ridden once and I am not cleared for that.  She needs more entertainment, more engagement and you can only ask other people to do so much for you. I need my own injury to heal so I can do more for my pretty girl. I’m crossing my fingers, on my one good hand that is.