Le Sigh

Jez's get well card from my little sister in LA!
Jez’s get well card from my little sister in LA!

I cant do anything at the barn and its making me very upset and frustrated. I’m not allowed to handle horses and i have to rely on other people to help my horse though this rehab. I’m extremely lucky for friend at the barn who’s been taking on the bulk of what i should be able to do but cant. Shes pitching in like a champ i don’t know what id be doing i she wasn’t there to pick up my broken hand slack.

I went down to the barn yesterday to visit with my horse and it was hard. Not only was my back killing me and my finger throbbing but it was emotionally hard because i cant help my own horse. Jezzie was happy to see me and i hung out sitting on a stool in front of her stall and played animal sounds for her. One of my favorite keep  her busy on stall rest games. She will call back to the horse sound and the donkey sound made her perk up and look around searching for Leonardo, the barns recently deceased mini donkey mascot. (god i miss that little guy)

My friend got to the barn and a walked with her while she lead my pony on her 15 min walk on hard ground around the property. It was hard for me to keep up but i tried. Jez was a good girl and she seems to be doing pretty well on stall rest so far. I have to be careful though as that attitude can change in an instant. She can go from calm, well behaved, sweet little Jez to demon, i hate you mom you never let me do anything i want to do teen-aged temper tantrum Jez in the blink of an eye. This weekend my better half (with me in tow) has two walking shifts. I’m not sure if I’m going to ace her for those walks or not. My better half understands hes got to be the leader with Jez and gets it all in theory but hes got very little actual horse handling experience, so if Jez decides shes in charge he wont pick up the warning signs and i with my broken flipper wont be able to do much to help. I just don’t have any more money to correct my hand if i do anything to screw it up like grasp a rearing horses lead rope and make her behave before she re-injures herself and i have even bigger problems. This whole thing the fall, my depleted bank account, my horses injuries and my inability to do much to help her has made me super sad and more then a little frustrated.

I guess i will play it all by ear this weekend.