Broken Bone Update


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I was supposed to get my k-wires out last week. By out i mean my hand numbed up and them pulled out with pliers (i’m sure fancy medical pliers) But alas i haven’t grown enough bone yet. Two more weeks of wires and this splint. I was cleared to begin to handle horses in a week. Which means i can do a little hand walking as long as i’m super careful and keep my broken finger in the splint. So says my doctor.

So that is what i’ll do, i’ll be careful and at least I can help walk Lilly on the days her mom cant come out cuz unlike me shes got regular hours and isn’t a freelancer who can mold her schedule around horses and their ever growing time consuming needs. Im crossing my fingers Jezebel wont be too mad at me for not being her main caretaker for the last month  and decide to act out when i can start hand walking her on the days she isnt being walk ridden. We will see what happens. Always an adventure.

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