Winter is a bitter mistress

Its cold mom!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written and not because nothing is happening. With work, and the bitter terrible winter cold (Yes, I’m being dramatic) I’ve been unmotivated to write. So an update is in order.

Jezebel is wonderful and just as pretty as ever.  Over the fall we had a really bad case of thrush with took her out for a while. It was the cause of her mystery lameness (after much searching) I found the best stuff to battle her persistent thrush was “Tomorrow” my vet wanted me to go the bleach route but that didn’t seem to be doing the trick but the Tomorrow worked and eventually she got better and I was able to start riding her again. I took it real slow because

A. She was stiff and had been out of wok for a couple months

B. Winter makes me crazy

Yes, I am weaing two coats!

It was also miss thangs birthday on 2/10 and I trudged out in the cold to see her and give her birthday treats. It was pretty muddy out being yanno winter and gross so  with my man in tow we hopped the fence to visit my girl and say happy birthday. On the agenda was grapes ( her favorite thing ever) carrots and a granola bar. Okay they granola bar, not a hit. Which i found strange because my horse will pretty much eat anything.  It was kinda bitter sweet for me in a weird way because Jez is my baby horse and some part of me never wants her to mature and grow up. I love all her annoying baby habits and i guess time will tell which f these are because shes young and immature and which of those are just Jez.

My trainer moved out of state so I am trainer-less. In theory he will make visits down a couple times month but I don’t know how possible that really is, looks like im on the hunt for someone new. It sucks because I really liked him and was learning a lot.

Let me explain about winter and my bad attitude. I’m from southern CA where its beautiful weather 365 days a year (except for a few hot weeks in summer) winter to me is 70 degrees and sunny with a little rain in March. This real weather thing has thrown me for a loop. I thought last year was cold here and all the locals were telling me it was a mild winter. I didn’t believe them because I was so cold all the time but damn if they weren’t right. This year I’m wearing gloves every day at the barn and some days I cant even make it there. My seasonal depression doesn’t help with getting myself to the barn on super cold overcast yucky days. Yes, I need a full spectrum lamp and I need to sit under it… a lot.

So to help fill in with making sure Jez gets all she needs I’ve hired an exercise rider. A new person at my barn with good skills, very quiet hands and a pretty pony of her own is going to be riding my girl a couple times a week. I tried her out and Jez really responds well to her. Jez needs some more miles on her and I need so help getting Jez comfortable at the canter. Last time we cantered it was because she spooked and I was pitched into the fence. Good times! So far its working out really well and my pony seems very happy. She needs to be engaged more then I can engae her over the winter because of my own deficiances. I think I might have stumbled into just what my pony needs right now.

Oh and Jezebel’s insurance was approved. My horse is now insured which give me a little peace of mind and it will also let me spend a little cash in my horse (please don’t get sick) savings account on a horse trailer come the end of spring. Wee!