The Verdict Is In

My hand has skin on it

It’s official I have a tear in my distal IP joint ligament, let me rephrase that I have a tear in THREE of my distal IP joint ligaments. Or as it’s more commonly known, a finger sprain. Only I have three finger sprains. It happened when I got pitched into the fence  off my pony. I dont remember falling on my hand or anything (only my ass) but it might have gotten caught up in my reins. It;s been about two weeks and though its getting better its still quite painful, especially if try to write using a pen. My first second and third fingers on my right hand hurt and they hurt a lot. Good news… my pinkie is fine! It seems to be about a grade two and since I didn’t know it was sprained i wasn’t exactly taking it easy on my hand, so normally its a 2-6 week recovery. Its been two weeks already and its not close to better so I’m thinking at least another month. I’ll try to be careful of it but I’m not going to curtail any of my horse activities, I’ll wear gloves when I ride or lunge, ice it at night and take a lot of Advil.

And here I thought i got away pretty unscathed with just a bruise and some road rash. Silly me.