Body Snatcher

Who replaced my horse!

I swear my horse has been replaced by aliens. Shes a body snatcher horse. Ive been riding her every day for 45 minutes plus and she been awesome. Shes being thinking and trying real hard to do everything I ask of her. Also after our first training session with my new trainer shes been very good about going in the wash stall and even letting me  rinse her down with out complaint. Now I don’t cross tie her in there but so far I don’t have to. We go in, I have her stand and rinse her down after our ride. Huge step forward.

When riding her, shes been very good at the walk and trot. Her halts well they still need a ton of work and by that I mean sometimes she forgets she knows halt however her up down transitions under saddle are improving. I’m improving too though I’m far from being fit. I’m finding my balance and I’m checking my diagonal less and less. I’m hoping all that will come back to me, and it looks like it might. I’ve ridden my girl both inside and outside, alone and with another horse and shes not phased by any of it, shes taking it all in stride. I’ve even taken her over a few little jumps. She’s very brave and honest to the fences! Goes right for them and right over them without even thinking twice. It’s been a great week under saddle with Miss Jezebel.

I did notice that her right hind (yes, the dreaded abscess hoof) looked a little puffy to me. She’s totally sound not even a hint of being lame. I asked my farrier who was there working on another horse if it was my imagination or if it was in fact slightly puffy. She agreed she thought it looked a touch thick in the back just about and slightly above the fetlock. She put a thermometer on it and its not hot, in fact its cooler then the other ankle. So I gave her two days off and have been cold hosing it and putting on a clay poultice to see if i can bring that thickness out. Maybe its an old race injury, or it could have happened when she was a bucking bronco in the wash stall the other week or maybe she was out running in the filed all night with her horsey pals, really it could be anything.

Pretty in pink

As a result decided to get her some SMB boots. I know there are lots of competing ideas on boots. I think in this case a little extra support for her when I’m ridding her and were both getting into shape is a good idea. I don’t want her to come to rely on them but I am asking a lot more of her and I want to do right by her and if I can give her a little extra support in this process, I’m going to do it. Jezebel now has some hot pink SMB 3 boots front and hind for a little extra support  and she looks awesome in them! It’s been a really great week, I’m looking forward to the next.