Its hot!

No, I will not pose for that a carrot!?

This east coast weather thing is crazy. I come from southern California I’m used to hot, I can handle hot. I am however having trouble with this humidity thing. Egads this isn’t hot, this is torture! It’s hot enough that the horses are in during the day and out at night now. My filly has her fan so I’m hoping that helps to keep her cool. Our 20 minute lunge routine has been cut in half because its too damn hot to work her hard. I’m not sure how I’m going to get her in shape with only 10 minutes a day of serious work. Sometimes its hard for me to believe she actually was a racehorse (and one that won!) with how lazy and slow she can be sometimes. Shes been great on the lunge and I’ve starting to lunge her with her bridle on (still no saddle) and shes been doing great. She knows  the voice command “Trot” and will gladly get right into for me. She still holds her head pretty high but its slowly coming down the more shes gets into lunging. She does think “Ho” means stop, turn to look at me and then walk over to me. I swear I only did that like 3 times and somehow it stuck and that’s what she thinks it means.  I always send her right back out but secretly I’m thrilled at how smart she is and how quickly  she picks stuff up. I have to remember that and adjust accordingly to her very big brain.

Softies ...for horses who rub!

The scrape on her withers is healed but still no hair has grown over it. I’m putting vitamin E oil on it in hopes that it wont scar up to bad. So that means I can call the Dover folks and try to reschedule them to come out for a saddle fitting. Cross your fingers for me, I really would like to get a saddle and actually ride my horse. Though we are bonding with the ground work and it was a rough start ,with her being a super brat and me being  horse rusty. We’ve gotten into a nice grove and really are getting along well. Her being laid up facilitated our bonding, not that I wanted her laid up but it did have a nice side effect.  She nickers to me when I arrive, nuzzles me and lets me hug her (and secretly loves it). About  90% of the time she behaves, only 10% does she test me by pushing my boundaries and being crazy. Things are pretty calm right now and I’m pretty happy with her and my progress to this point. We still have work to do including the whole wash her with soap thing. It takes too long for her to tolerate that much time in the the scary wash stall but I’m getting faster and shes learning to deal. We are finding our groove.