Africa Hot

will she or wont she

Its hot. It’s not just hot it’s Africa hot. The heat index makes the 99 degree heat feel like 199 degrees. At least to my southern California Sensibilities. Because it was predicted to be so hot, I decided to head to the barn and spend some time cooling down my pretty filly. I stopped off at the market and picked up some Gatorade. I wasn’t sure what flavor Jezebel might be interested in so a picked up a variety and made sure to get the “low cal”  Gatorade which has half the sugar and all the electrolytes.

The barn was void of people and  it was sweltering, my filly was standing in front of her fan trying to escape the heat. I decided to try the Raspberry Melon flavor and see if Jez would give it a go. I deluded it half and half with ice cold water, brought Jezebel into the indoor ring and gave her the bucket. To my delight she loved it, she slurped down the yummy watery electrolyte filled goodness in between playing with it with her ever wandering lips. I let her wonder around the ring and she kept coming back to her Gatorade bucket, I eventually had to just fill it with water so she could drink, drink, drink. I was happy to see her keeping hydrated on the hottest day of the year so far.

She likes it, hey Mikey

After she had a chance to stretch her legs, i took her into the wash stall and hosed her off with cool water. As always she protested (cuz the wash stall is scary!) but i just ignored her dancing around and drenched her with the cool water knowing that when it was over she’d feel better and she did. Tomorrow its expected to be almost as hot as today, i think I’ll try grape and see how that goes over with her Majesty. My guess is it will be a hit.