Hoof Hand And Withers

Like magic, it just appeared!

I’ve been take a little break from writing as I sliced open my hand pretty bad getting into a fight with the food processor and subsequent infection and course of antibiotics (ack!) Nine finger typing makes things a little more difficult.  Jezebel is much better though, her hoof seems to be healed and I am taking steps to harden it so this abscess thing doesn’t become chronic. If it wasn’t for the 8 inch mystery scrape on her withers we could resume our saddle hunt. Le sigh, if its not one thing its another. I’m hoping my hand and her withers will heal in sink and then we can get on with the business her retraining. Until then, back to the lunge routine we started before her abscess took her out of commission for a while.She was doing really good with that, i hope she didn’t forget all the progress we made.

The weathers heating up quite a bit and the horses are being kept in on the really hot days and let out at night when it cooler. I ordered her a fan for her stall so hopefully that will help cool my pretty girl down and I’m going to have to either start going to the barn super early before it heats up or later in the afternoon or early evening when its cooling down. I haven’t really decided whats going to work best for us both. I suppose i will figure it out in due time.