Tough Day

Its started out good and went well for a while, when it took the bad turn it was a landslide. Defeated is the word id use to describe how I feel today and I’ve only felt this way with my pretty pony when I was  dealing with the hoof abscess after the time she kicked me. With out getting into too much detail, I’m sure it was all my fault but I need to regroup, my happy go lucky training attitude needs to be adjusted and I need to be tougher, more consistent and find a new way inside to Jezebel that works for us both. I cant be someone im not and I cant expect her to be the horse she isnt, in fact the horse she is is what I feel in love with. We just need a new way to work together.  I’m taking a horse break for a few days to think about this. Just as there are times Jezebel needs to just be a horse, I think I need a few days to just be a girl.

Its funny because I was telling one of the ladies at my barn early on in the day how I wasn’t experiencing many of the ottb issues I’ve been reading that so many others were experiencing and I chalked it up to good luck. I guess I jinxed myself.