Mud Hole


I’ve been told by After The Races the rescue and rehabilitation group I got Jezebel Though that she was a very clean horse, that she pretty much never rolled and all the months she was with them, they never saw her dirty. She continued this for quite some time … until the other day.

As I was driving up the road toward the horse farm past the back field I could see happy horses grazing in the sun. Shinny and pretty except for one. Mine. Who was caked in mud. As I was getting my grooming supplies out of my tack room, ladies at the barn were asking me “is that your horse all covered with mud out in the back field?” Yes, yes it was.  I hiked to go get her and she really stood out, she was the only horse covered in mud but only on one side. it was inches thick, i was told later that somewhere in the back field is a mud hole where the local flock of geese mud bathe. Well  local geese and my horse it seems.

Jezebel doesn’t much like any kind of curry comb. I have to show her every brush before I use it and she always bristles when I get to her mid section. I actually think she’s ticklish. So getting this caked on thick mud off her was quite the challenge. I just worked on the places the saddle would go and figured I’d wash the rest off after our ride. Which I did, spending more time at the barn that day then I had planned. Oh well, could have been worse, could have been both sides!